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  1. Rodney Leon

    Another M.I. Tobias pocket watch with questions

    M.I. Tobias. 17 jewel? Movement. in a 1889 Hallmarked case. Can not find the maker it is stamped HG. Dust cover marked For Bailey and Co. Philadelphia. M. I. Tobias. Movement Number, 42992, The cockfoot is also stamped with the number but also has a C shape with a circle and a T stamped in it...
  2. Rodney Leon

    Fusee Up/Down, Help needed in Identification of maker, and anything else.

    I need help with finding out information on this watch. It is a Fusee key wind from back and key set from the front. It is and Up/down, wind indicator, or power reserve. I don't know the difference between the terms as they all seem to mean the same thing. The dial is marked UP and Down...
  3. Rodney Leon

    Railroad Pocket watch inspection jewelers marks on inside questions.

    I picked up a new Ball official Standard 1915, Railroad 21 Jewel Waltham in the original case which is worn on the back cover. I can count 28 jewelers marks inside. So would assume it was a Railroad used watch. This is the most I have seen in any of my Railroad watches. It was hard to show...
  4. Rodney Leon

    Three Seiko railroad watches feel free to post your own.

    In the last 6 months added to my Railroad collection. The first is a mint 100th anniversary of Hankyu Railway; limited edition of 2007 watches made. Watch number 208. Released in 2007. Have all the original paper works, Wooden stand that came with it can turn the watch into a desk clock...
  5. Rodney Leon

    Worse Balance ever?

    I recently bought an Elgin BW Raymond wind indicator that was in "good running condition". It did seem to run ok but was running 2 minutes fast in 12 hours. So it was time for a cleaning and service. Changed the main spring. And the balance looked really funny so used one dip and when I...
  6. Rodney Leon

    Elgin 1942. 581 WW2. Master navigation watch question on a Part

    Anyone know what the spring under the extra wheel for the sweep hand is for? It is on my Elgin 1942. 581 WW2. 21 jewel 22 jewel. Master navigation watch. Serial No..40470765. As I was cleaning it I had no idea why it was there. The jewel seems to keep everything in place. It is the first...
  7. Rodney Leon

    Longines “The Webb C Ball Co” marked on the dial.

    I posted this in the American pocket watch side, under the show your Ball Watch forum. But would like to know more about it. I Have looked all over but have not found anything. So anything will help. All the information I have is what I listed, which I took from the watch. The serial number...
  8. Rodney Leon

    Hamilton 992 question on Dial on this movement

    Hi, I just bought a 992 serial number 1544389, 1920 date. To put in an empty display case I have. I have looked everywhere on the forum trying to find the dial number for this and if it is even right for the year. I know the script was used until around 1918 or so and found the the block one...
  9. Rodney Leon

    Swiss chronograph

    My newest Pocket watch. I was looking for the Waltham chronograph but found this very nice Swiss chronograph which looks like the Waltham. If anyone knows how to date these can you let me know, plus did they make these for Waltham? Timing & Repeating Watch Company. Swiss chronograph pocket...
  10. Rodney Leon

    Need information on E. Howard Co. case engraving.

    Any idea or guess from anyone would help. I would like to know what organization or club this symbol came from. It is engraved on the back on my E. Howard series 11. serial number 1260793. Model E, 1914 date. It is a Maltese cross with Dove and globe, I believe. It could be an angel. The...
  11. Rodney Leon

    Elgin 1925 B.W.Raymond 21 Jewel Railroad model 478 Problem.

    Winding pinion and clutch problem it slips sometimes as you wind it. It works most the time but looks like there is some play at the top when apart, I can’t figure it out thought a small washer above the winding pinion might work but don’t know. The teeth seem ok. Any ideas would help...
  12. Rodney Leon

    Main spring barrel help needed for Hamilton 992E

    I have a mainspring barrel cover that has now twice popped open on one side only by enough it rubs the bottom plate and messes with the time. It took me a while to figure out what the time loss was, when I push the cover back secure and reassemble the watch it runs fine. But it happened again...
  13. Rodney Leon

    How about posting your glass back salesman/display cases with movement.

    I know there are different names on the cases. I don’t Know, all the cases made but maybe we will have some here. This is one to start it off, my Illinois marked glass back case, with an Illinois Bunn Special, Model: 11, Year, 1922. 23 jewel.
  14. Rodney Leon

    Hampden model 3 , 23 jewel, questions

    Special Railway, Model 3, 1898 date. 18 size. 23 jewels, open face, two tone, serial number. 1150087. The dial is a fancy dial but just between the numbers. Was this ok for Railroad use back then? If not what was the proper one? The H with the w over the co logo, what years were these used...
  15. Rodney Leon

    Information on a Sessions Regulator Clock

    I am new to this clock area and know nothing so to speak on them. Yesterday I ask a question on my Ansonia and got great information about it. The people that responded were very knowledgeable and informative. I will try not to ask too many questions to make myself unwelcome. I have done...
  16. Rodney Leon

    Information on and help for Ansonia Clock I have.

    I need some information on this clock if anyone can help. I Collect Pocket watches and have worked on them for over 50 years, and during that time I have picked up 4 clocks. I am able to clean them and get them in time and have even made 3 out of wood for the fun of it. This has a center dial...
  17. Rodney Leon

    Any ideas on shipping a Pocket watch?

    I have never given much thought to if I had the watch running or stopped when I ship it. They are usually running as I want to check everything is ok before sending it off. I always double box them and wrap them very well, so far none have been damage in all the years I have been selling. A...
  18. Rodney Leon

    Hamilton cases question on Butler Backs

    Do Butler finish backs on Hamiltons wear well? Does anyone know what model Hamilton cases were available with this finish and did they cost more? And lastly what year did they introduce them and why. Here is one I have, Thanks Rod Model 16 case Star 10K rolled gold No. R812246. Butler finish...
  19. Rodney Leon

    Cortebert TCD Demiryolu 15 jewel Pocket Watch dates and model

    My neighbor brought over his Dads pocket watch he inherited it was in bad shape but I said I would try wouldn't take no money to do it. Work on American Railroad mostly. There seems to be no marking on the movement plates except 15 jewel and Swiss. Wound tight and very dirty. Had to soak it...
  20. Rodney Leon

    Help E. Howard Jeweled motor barrel mainspring taking out.

    When cleaning these jeweled motor barrels I have the same problem of getting it apart. I never can get the mainspring out without it fully coming out and still attached to the barrel part with the spring unwound outside. I take the 3 screws out on the jewel and then the 2 under it out. The...

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