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    Want to learn more about cuckoo clocks

    I totally agree with Willie X . On the other hand, I consider that the true cuckoo clocks are those before the war, so what we have in most manufacturers are clocks made for tourists that imitate the old cuckoos of the previous century and to which a series of fantasies are added. . Then the...
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    Please info on automatic calendar clock by Gebruder Wilde

    Hi all. An acquaintance has a Gebruder Wilde calendar clock. The problem you have is that part of the mechanism that makes the day numbers go back to the first once the month is complete is missing. I don't have many photos for now but maybe someone has a similar one and can figure out what the...
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    Interesting Find

    Our clocks are incredible artifacts. Not only are they true time machines that take us back to the life and customs of our ancestors, but they can also be true time capsules. It is not uncommon to find in them dedications, poems, love letters and even coins and bills, in addition to the...
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    Fantasy Clock created from bits bought at NAWCC York Regional !

    It has turned out very well! Perhaps removing the Phillips screws would help give it more age legitimacy. Regards
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    Cuckoo clock which weight goes where

    There is no significant difference between the three weights mentioned, it does not matter if you place any of them in any position.
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    Post your Lenzkirch clocks here.

    The link to the restoration post
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    Post your Lenzkirch clocks here.

    Thanks for the suggestion, add the link to the restoration post.
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    Post your Lenzkirch clocks here.

    Hello all. This is a recent Lenzkirch that I have recently restored. This is a model 819 The serial number is a 1 million 476678 Regards
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    Restoring the Lenzkirch model 819

    Unfortunately this video did not turn out very well, but at least you can hear it.
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    Restoring the Lenzkirch model 819

    END OF THE PROJECT!! Hello all. I didn't have much time these days to dedicate to the clock, but it's finally finished. The truth is that I am very satisfied with the results, I think it is a case where I would argue with a purist to intervene or not. It seems to me that the clock has gained a...
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    So sad to see

    Just as there is a law for animal abuse, there should be a law for abuse of clocks!:cop:
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    Restoring the Lenzkirch model 819

    Clock hands painted blue by temperature :clap:
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    Restoring the Lenzkirch model 819

    Hi. Today I made the re silver of the quadrant. I used a mixture of silver nitrate and sodium cyanide. It is a very effective but extremely toxic formula since sodium cyanide is highly poisonous for Human Beings. It must be carried out in a ventilated environment and using protective glasses and...
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    Restoring the Lenzkirch model 819

    Hello all. I have doubts about the wall mount. I am finishing the restoration and have noticed that the wall bracket does not appear to be original. It is made up of a metal plate that is screwed to one of the beams and to the rear cover by means of a through screw. The latter cannot be because...
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    Restoring the Lenzkirch model 819

    Hello all, I'm still working on the project. The box is complete. It is missing the re-silvering of the quadrant and final assembly. I was in for a surprise, this clock NEVER had the tuning fork loose from its packing screw, therefore it never sounded as it should!! :?|
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    Sheffield/Junghans - Astro-Chron World Clock - What is it?

    You can use Google translate by voice
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    Restoring the Lenzkirch model 819

    Hello all, I bring you a sample of how the restoration is going according to the catalog, the finished door. before after
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    ID on Black Forest Boule (?) Clock.

    With only that photo of the movement I understand it will be very difficult to help you. You should remove the movement to see what type of mechanism governs the bell quarter. I'm imagining a counting wheel, but I'm just guessing.
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    Restoring the Lenzkirch model 819

    Hi PatH. The grain of the wood was totally hidden by the dark finish with which they stained the entire clock, now it is exposed. the dark parts are not ebonized but stained dark walnut, I think it is the real color seeing other models of the firm. Unfortunately, apart from the catalog drawing...
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    ID on Black Forest Boule (?) Clock.

    I was referring to the finish, was the creosote deliberately put in for some reason? Looks to me like it's decomposed shellac. Having two bells makes more sense a third string. Then the inscriptions are noteworthy watchmaker. Maybe they are repair dates but I can't figure them out. 11/2/28...

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