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    Letting down double clicks with only two hands.

    Wille, That movement has stop works that cannot be set right unless you start with the cables out of the drum. To do that, remove the eclip holding the winding arbor and pull out the arbor, then replace the arbor with a small screwdriver. Now you can pull the cables out and remove them. johnp
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    INothing more annoying!

    I use a feeler gauge to slip in between the arbor and rear plate. A notch has been cut in one end to allow the piece to slip in and block the arbor from bumping the bushing. Hope this helps johnp
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    Bushing used movements, conclusion!

    new65, we use a Sherline mill set up to bush plates. I like the X-Y feature to center up and I can quickly switch to bush pulleys, spring barrels/caps etc. however, bushing by hand is a needed skill because you can't get to some of the worn holes no matter what you use. My advise is to get good...
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    Bushing used movements, conclusion!

    We use D shaped KMW reamers to open worn bushing holes. They cut smooth round holes and if needed you can walk them over. Don't remember ever needing to bush every hole in a clock movement. Just the loose or worn ones.
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    Parts unknown

    I think the spring goes on the strike hammer arbor. Used to keep hammers from falling back too far.
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    Mauthe Strike Sluggish

    Sluggish chime or strike after a rebuild is usually a tight bushing or bent pivot. Let power down and check each pivot for wiggle in the bushing. You will most likely find one that dont. If you have a lathe and proper collets, check each pivot. They must be straight and smooth. 2nd wheels should...
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    Willie, we have 5 of these. All different sizes. They cover everything needed here.
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    You would hold the tool upright and the point of the tool will always stay in the larger original hole of the worn bushing. It does not seek or drift to a worn area. The outer sleeve with the scribe is then rotated in a circle. Now you have a guide as you broach the hole for a bushing. As you...
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    I am the movement builder in a busy clock repair shop. This post is to explain a tool that absolutely finds and marks the center of a worn out bushing hole. I learned how to build it here on this site some 20 years ago. We use it every day. The pointed part drops into the worn hole but...
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    Tools - Lathe or other

    Sherline would be a good choice since you can purchase additional tooling for it as you go along. They build great lathes and mills.
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    Always check for debris in the gears!

    Scraping the pinion leaves with a toothpick is a vital part of clock cleaning and should be done prior to cleaning in the ultrasonic. johnp
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    Urgos chime synchronizer

    In your picture, the upper lever should have a tab on the bottom that lifts the lower lever up at the top of the hour. Setting them up is troublesome I know. Adjust the lever with the screw down just enough to catch the pin and stop the run. Too low will not give you the lift needed to auto...
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    Kieninger MSU 12 Concerto

    picture's are too dark to see what's going on
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    Why 5 holes?

    The extra hole was for a shut off lever that is missing from your clock. johnp
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    Hands too far recessed on mantle clock

    Ansonia open escapement clocks sometimes have 3 brass spacers soldered to the movement mounting ring. The 3 spacers step the movement back about 3/16 of an inch into the case. If your clock does have these spacers on the mounting ring, a little heat from a micro torch will drop them off. Then...
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    REGULA 34 letter and weights

    The letter is a date code, not sure what letter means in terms of year made. A heavier weight will cause the cuckoo to run faster or the music to sound too fast. johnp
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    Looking for a good clock lathe

    Good reasonable priced watch lathes can be found at NAWCC regionals. Some with a good selection of costly collets. They must have a collet holding tailstock. I have a Waltham and a Marshall, and they are excellent lathes for the work you described. johnp
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    Time Strike/Chime Clock Operating Sequence

    Dick, Set the minute hand to just past running the 1/4 chime. Stop chime from running. (Toothpick in fan) loosen chime drive wheel screw and slowly roll chime barrel until you see 4 hammers lift and drop in sequence. That was your 1/4 chime. Snug down screw on chime drive wheel and test. The...
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    Ridgeway/Hermle Stopworks

    les, if you can't get to the clicks to release the cable, remove the winding arbor and replace it with a small screwdriver. Then the cables can be pulled out. This trick works on all makes with removable winding arbors. johnp
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    PAM clock disassembly

    For parts contact Dennis Kaye (540-737-8423) Replace those bulbs with LED. 13 watt. Heat from standard bulbs is what kills those clocks. johnp

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