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    Pocket watch cleaning pens

    The pens are retractable, two are wire one is glass fibre, which cleans very well, no scratching, the wire are pretty good to, now best way to trim the glass fibre strands, I can use side cutters for the wire, I did try my Stanley knife, but strands very strong.richard
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    Wilber's spring winder.

    I have posted a couple of photo's of this winder, it differs from the photo of it, on the lower shaft, there are a couple of round steel rings, what are they for? Got it from eBay, it does look complete, there are 3 key insertions in the photo, how many does it normally come with, these are...
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    Pivot file

    Why are pivot files handed, is it to do with the pivot /arbor shoulder. I found one amongst some taps I brought that is marked left hand, I believe I use this on my left hand side held under the pivot.
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    KWM Bushing tool no Instructions

    Brought second hand but no instructions with it. Would any body care to email a copy. I would be extremely grateful, many thanks Richard at

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