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    Ansonia Cast iron case

    Just brought this clock, see photo's, thinking about sending it away for shot blasting, what paint required for case, and reprinting lions head and feet, where it is engraved on the front would I leave this black or high light in white.thanks
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    Help with clock case, shellac or varnish

    The case in question is an old veneered GB clock case, which badly needs sorting out, what prep do I need to do, what would be the finish, Shellac or varnish or something else, the case is quite dry, been in my keep some 2 years, photo attached, thank you in advance for your replies.
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    Please can you identify Denatured Alcohol, are we talking Methalated spirits, could i have a trade name please. Is blonde shellac the one to use for a clear finish over Mahogany. what are the best way of removing flakey shellac from a peeling clock. What would be the first grits to use and...
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    Gustav becker case.

    Can i be directed as to the best way i can deal with flaking varnish on this clock case.
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    Ansonia clock sussex

    I need bezel and surround for this clock, it is a wooden clock, as they made one in brass as well with the same model name.
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    Baduf clock cleaning

    The case is very dirty do i use 0000 wire wool with a wax and polish remover or is there something else i can use which isn't harsh, the top of the clock is worse where it is black in places, i will have to do all of it I'm sure, i have tried the remover with out the wire wool, but it remains...
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    Help wanted clock case in need of a little tlc

    Not wanting to spoil this case i would like to ask what to do. Up close some of the dark colour can be seen to be missing. i really want to use a walnut wax, but do i need to strip right back, it is mainly the two vertical mouldings each side of the glass. i have already given it a polish with...
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    Moulding to clock case door

    The moulding is coming off, it appears to be made of plaster, i was thinking that i could take an impression in plasticine, but what would i fill the mould with that would work?

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