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    Philipp Haas & Söhne PHS

    Hi Chris, I have a label on the one I have but to be honest it says very little just makers name and serial number.Richard.
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    Have No Clue About this Clock

    Nice choice of pediment.They always finish a clock off.
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    Seth Thomas Mantle Clock

    You have to be very careful cleaning the adornments, you could end up in a mess,I would leave alone,it looks fine. Regular wiping with a clean duster would improve the lions heads, hand cleaning with brasso, will make a difference,but don't put the feet in a ultrasonic tank.i would definitely...
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    Lenzkirch mantel clock and pedestal

    More pictures would be helpful, the photo you have taken isn't very good, I cannot even make out the dial detail, some good close up photos,showing the dial, movement, also inside the cabinet below,the dial from that distance looks very plain, is it a ting tan, does it strike the hours only,Does...
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    Two new clocks

    What might be the date of this cast iron Ansonia, I see it has a patent of 1882 on the back plate,
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    Two new clocks

    First a Ferranti Bakelite clock, all working, I changed the very old braided flex, in case it was faulty, shame really, this is my second Ferranti electric clock, I paid £11.50 for this one, also at the auction I bid for and won a Cast iron cased Ansonia clock, this cost £17.50, don't know if...
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    Davall mantle clock

    Not sure only wound it up today,, will let you know.
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    Davall mantle clock

    Got given this little clock from a friend, only six inches square, maker S Davall, Cherkenwell London, Est 1884, taken over by Bentima group, the last project Davall were involved in was in 1968 when they supplied flight recorders for BEA aircraft, I think this clock was made around 1947.
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    GB clock dating please

    Thanks Martin, I thought I had a image of the case, can get one on Wednesday, unless my friend can send one in a Email. Looking at the case it looked quite good to me, only problem was the face rim was very tight to the case circular wood work, but looking at the back board, there aren't any...
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    GB clock dating please

    My fellow sailing club member brought this clock from a recent boot fair, he paid £60 for it, which I thought was a very good price, there was a couple of missing finials, which his friend can turn up for him, he brought it to the club in parts, all I could see was a broken suspension spring...
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    Found this one in a flea market...

    What a marvellous clock and figure, I'm jealous, would it be a secret what it cost please.
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    Lovely 3 inch clock

    Hi Steven, photos of movement
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    My second Banjo Clock

    Hi, nice pair you have their, I have one myself, think they make a collection,
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    Lovely 3 inch clock

    Hi Steven, now I have seen the picture not so sure, the little handle is quite plain on the one I have. Undone 4tiny nuts on the bottom and it all came apart, apart from the movement, will post a photo soon, it was quite clean, gave it a touch of oil, adjusted the hour hand, now back togeather...
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    Lovely 3 inch clock

    Hi Steven, The height is bang on 4 inches with handle raised, the dial is as you stated 1 1/2 inch. I think I could live with your ID. Any chance of a photo of the Ansonia.
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    Lovely 3 inch clock

    This little clock was given to me this evening, dear little clock only 3 inches tall 2/1/4 wide, it is running but needs a clean, could you ID and date it for me, thank you.
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    French Marble clock ID please.

    Hi, Got giving this clock to sort out tonight, its French, has a makers mark, not one that i know, none runner, or was, its now working but needs a good clean, the crutch was bent every which way.I never know what to charge, being a novice, i do for a bit of pin money really, but it has still...
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    Elliot Westminster and Whittington Chiming clock

    Hi, on the movement,is a number 19764. F.W. Elliot Ltd. Coventry England. I missed the brass Plaque on the back, presented to Mr Anthony F Street. Royal Worcester Porcelain Works Co Inc 20-10-1972.
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    Elliot Westminster and Whittington Chiming clock

    Hi, Would like to show case my latest purchase, The case is Walnut, All the details for the clock are on the lable, you can turn the hands backwards on this movement, it is in remarkable condition, a quality clock.It has seven jewels, weighs in at over 5kg, my scales only go up to 5kg, the thing...

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