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    P.H.& S clock, could this be dated please.

    I have had this clock about four years, would be better if i had a rough date of manufacture, please can you help Richard.
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    Charles Dickens and Sir John Bennett.

    A friend who I brought a pocket watch from, signed Sir John Bennett, sent me the card attached, as I told him I also had a clock signed by him also. It appears they were quite good friends, and Dickens brought quite a few clocks from him, but Dickens was a perfectionist and often found...
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    Very old grandfather clock circa 1780 ?

    Put question mark as not quite sure could be earlier, photos attach, my mates clock, won't let me touch it. Nothing on back plate,had a look with mirror.suspension and crutch could do with adjusting, but it's running well. The photo of the manowar ship, is flying a ensign that has a Union Jack...
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    Welch steeple clock

    Brought this at the weekend at a local auction, lovely bird on this one, cost 7.5$ £5 here, but I have a problem, the pendulum leader is so long I'm unable to hang the bob on it, is it wrong leader or Bob? Could you also try and date this clock for me. It will get a good clean( movement) later...
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    Finding my way around the forum

    If I'm on a page say 100, how can I get back to page one, in one move.when looking at the Gustav Becker thread, how would I say select GB mantle clocks only. Would I use the advance search while on that tread, thanks.
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    Pendulum size.

    Looking at an old school clock, pendulum is missing and the only marks on the movement is 18cm 158, will this help in some way please.
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    HAC Presto Repeater alarm clock

    Hi this is my brothers clock, could you date it please, I'm thinking 1930's, it's still working fine, think it came from an Aunt.
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    German Haller

    Got this lovely old clock from local auction, running fine, but is loosing time, I weighed the Bob and it is 11grm, do I fit lighter bob, I have used up all the adjust? The label on the door has an address which is only about1 1/2 miles from my house, could you date roughly for me, is my...
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    Boat or Ship shaped clocks

    Hi, are there any vintage or Antique clocks that would fit the above categories?
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    ID And help please.

    The following pictures are of a clock given to me for repair, i have cured the striking side, the movement is running fine, my problem is two fold, what would be the correct hammer to fit, which is missing, part of it is still on the movement, It dosnt look like it was fitted with a typical long...
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    Lenzkirch free swinger

    Hi, Being sold on your side of the water , this clock, it has a count wheel, but the only other mark on the rear plate is a large 2Q below that the serial number, I did email this seller but have had no reply, to ask if it was in fact a Lenzkirch movement, what do you think.
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    Clock ID Please

    Hi, I have a chance of buying this clock,Could you tell me a bit of history, ie How rare these are, how collectable in your country, it does need a little work doing to it. How does the movement work, What is the lower hole on the front for. Thanks.
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    Clock fireworks.

    Hi guys. Have you seen the fantastic firework display in Sidney tonight on the news One display showed a clock dial as the fireworks went off.
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    My picture gallery

    Hi guys, is it possible to write under each clock in my gallery the clock manufacturer and date also other comments like for sale, or points of interest. If it isn't possible why not.
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    Ansonia slate clock I D

    Hi Guys, Can someone help me ID this clock please, it has a date of 14/6/1881, it must have once had a finial, i would very much like to see a picture of the finial and what this model was once belonged to the great grandfather of a friend of mine, who is interested in its history. One...
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    Clocks keeping time

    Hi, what would you consider as being normal, for the lose or gain for any clock after a month running.assuming it had been adjusted pretty fine at the beginning.
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    Unknown clock maker, nice movement

    Hi Guys, Had a great day out at a steam fair, I'm interested in buying a stationary engine, any way while walking around there was this stall with all sorts of things for sale, but my eye went straight to this clock, nice lady running the stall, we stood chatting for quite a while, her husband...
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    Dating my Lenzkirch

    Have today got a Grandfather clock with just a serial number on rear plate only,which is one million and378950 movement not sighed could this give me a date thanks. Will post picture when I get the clock, I do have the movement. Case to long to get in my car. I have pendulum and weights also,
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    Ultrasonic cleaners

    Couple of questions, does the tank heat up quicker with plain water or when a solution is in it.If say you set it for 40c how long may that take to heat up from cold or do you put hot water in with the trying out a new one which has frequency of 40 KHz and a Ultrasonic power of W120 range...
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    Dating french movement

    Brought this movement as a further spare, It has a s marti stamp bronze, and a makers mark, it has a large bezel 150mm ,the movement is 95mm, the Bezel reminds me more of an ansonia, What size or type of clock might this fit? Ignore first photo, but it does show the same stamp.

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