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    Ferrari electric clock

    Thank you for that, I do get a very good turn which will travel the hand all the way around. But an old clock, never stops unless unplugged, keeps good time also, just a shame it's difficult to start at times,
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    Ferrari electric clock

    I have a very nice Bakelite cased electric clock, now to start it, is just quickly turning the starter knob, problem is sometimes it will start 2/3 time Other as many as 50 goes before it will start the sweep hand going, is there a fault that I can easily correct?
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    Ferranti art deco electric clock

    I was given this clock, it wasn't working, it needed a new glass as well, i got the glass from Meadows and passmores, i rewired the mains lead oiled the movement and hey prestoe it is working being electric it keeps good time, it runs of a coil inside i ment to take a picture with the back off.

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