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  1. Spaceman Spiff

    Help Profile reply keeps telling me my reply is too long!

    Hello. I'm trying to reply to a post on my profile that someone left. I keep trying to post my reply and it keeps giving me an error message, telling me that my reply must be less than 440 characters. But it is! I've got it down to 426 characters and still keep getting the same error message...
  2. Spaceman Spiff

    Marshall David Neal, "Tower Clock Man"

    Hi, all. This is a bit off-topic, but I ran across this obituary today at random, for a Marshall David Neal, aka "Tower Clock Man": (If that link...
  3. Spaceman Spiff

    50 cuckoo clocks featured in Florida Lottery commercial

    LOL!! Thankfully, I don't have QUITE this many cuckoo clocks!! (On the other hand, I DO have more than 50 clocks in the family room, and more than 200 in the whole house!--not all cuckoos, though). Too funny!!
  4. Spaceman Spiff

    Unknown spin-start electric clock

    Hello. Does anyone have any idea what the make/model of this clock might be? The only identifying marks anywhere on it are "Electric" on the dial and the Retail value / guarantee sticker on the back, which mentions the Merchants Advertising Company of Adrian, Michigan. No markings at all on...
  5. Spaceman Spiff

    Couldn't pass it up for 10 bucks! But what is it?

    Hi, all. Stopped at an antique store yesterday and when I asked the price of this clock, the proprietor said $10. :o Well, I couldn't say no to that! And even better: it works! (Needs a washer fitted against the hands to make them fit tighter/more level, and it needs a replacement glass, but...
  6. Spaceman Spiff

    Lackner neon clock from Cincinnati, Ohio

    Hi, all. This clock belongs to a friend of mine who's not very savvy with a computer. He asked if I could post these pics here and see if anyone knows anything about this clock, such as the year it was made, etc. Thanks in advance! John
  7. Spaceman Spiff

    Grandfather clock: William Draper - Maldon

    Hi, all. A friend of mine recently purchased this grandfather clock, which has "Will'm Draper - Maldon" on the dial. I assume William Draper to be the maker, located in Maldon. And since it's spelled "Maldon" instead of "Malden" I'm assuming it's the Maldon in England rather than the Malden...
  8. Spaceman Spiff

    2nd generation clock repairman/craftsman passes away - Tampa Bay, FL area

    I've just returned home to Florida this week after being gone for the summer, and found out that one of the lifetime/native clock repairmen of this area had passed away during my absence. He was only 58. Sincere condolences & sympathies to his family. - - - - - Obituary...
  9. Spaceman Spiff

    Interesting article about raising funds to repair a street clock in Portland, Maine

    Interesting! Thanks, John
  10. Spaceman Spiff

    Picked up this Seth Thomas one-day lever/gallery clock on Saturday

    Hello, all. This is my latest acquisition--a one-day Seth Thomas "lever" or "gallery" clock. Got it for $65 at an antique store here in Maine. I'd been holding off on clock purchases all summer-season so far, but finally gave in and fell off the wagon. :whistle: I already have a...
  11. Spaceman Spiff

    Confirming if this Ansonia's model name is the "Regulator A"...?

    I purchased this Ansonia just over two years ago, and it was briefly mentioned in a thread in which I'd posted pictures of multiple clocks purchased on the same day. Bruce Barnes and new2clocks each stated it appeared this clock was the "Regulator A" model, and new2clocks described it as being...
  12. Spaceman Spiff

    Did Ansonias still have model names if placed in English cases?

    Hi, all. This is a clock I purchased a couple of years ago, and which was briefly discussed in a thread where I'd posted pictures of multiple clocks purchased on the same day. Concensus seems to be that the case is English. Would such a "dual citizenship" clock still be given a model name...
  13. Spaceman Spiff

    French clock: L. Galvet or L. Calvet? Maker or retailer?

    Hi, all. I purchased this clock a couple of years ago but am just now getting around to researching it. The style of lettering makes it hard for me to make out whether the name on the dial is "L. Galvet" or "L. Calvet" of Montpellier. Does anyone know? And is this the clock maker or merely...
  14. Spaceman Spiff

    Ridgeway model #9647

    This message is primarily for member dfox42583 (Dean) who wrote to me recently in a private message, asking about his Ridgeway model #9647. I finally got my scanner up & running at my summer location and am able to post a scan from one of my Ridgeway catalogs (the 1997 catalog). Attached is...
  15. Spaceman Spiff

    How long before posts are indexed for searching?

    Hello. I'm wondering how long it takes before posts are indexed in order to be found while using the search feature. I received a PM from a new member who had read some of my posts and guessed that I might be able to identify his Ridgeway clock. He told me in the PM that he had made a post in...
  16. Spaceman Spiff

    Can't post a picture....

    I know there was a thread entitled "Problem posting picture" from about a week and a half ago, but that issue seems to have been resolved, so I'm starting a new thread. I've tried over and over to get a picture to upload with a comment I'm planning to post, and it just won't work. It's a jpg...
  17. Spaceman Spiff

    Anyone heard of a Hertz grandfather clock?

    This clock belongs to a friend of mine. He bought it a few months ago. Neither he nor I have ever heard of the Hertz brand of clocks before. (Couldn't find anything about them here in the forum, either). It doesn't appear to be very old. The wood seems to be some kind of composite rather...
  18. Spaceman Spiff

    Bizarro - comic from last Saturday's paper

    Thought some of you might get a chuckle out of this. :)
  19. Spaceman Spiff

    Hanson Clock Co. grandfather clock

    Hi, all. A friend of mine just purchased this Hanson Clock Co. grandfather clock and asked if I could find out any info about it. I myself have never heard of Hanson before. The emblem shows the company is out of Rockford, Illinois. I just ran a search here in the forum and found a few posts...
  20. Spaceman Spiff

    Helping a friend ID this Ansonia statue clock

    Hi, all. I'm helping a friend get some repairs made to her Ansonia statue clock (inherited from her grandparents) and also am trying to identify which model it is and what approx. date it was made. I have a few clock books but not the nice ones by Tran. In one of my books (Clock Identification...

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