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  1. AndyDWA

    New Koma

    I picked this up today at a local auction. I paid a little more than I would normally expect to pay for a Koma, but we have nothing like it in our collection and I’ve not seen anything quite like it before. It’s quite heavy for its size. It appears to be in good condition except for the...
  2. AndyDWA

    JUF Bandstand newest addition

    I haven’t posted for a long time but recently acquired a number of 400 day clocks from a relative. The prize among them is this JUF Bandstand. I believe it is plate 1617. Serial no 164592 (1922?). Pendulum stamped DRGM 403658, which I understand is common. Appears to complete and in good...
  3. AndyDWA

    Cleaning Plastic Domes

    I've used Autosol metal polish to deal with fine, hazy scratches on plastic domes.
  4. AndyDWA

    latest acquisition Schatz

    Since this is a "standard" clock, you could possibly find a perfectly fitting dome in plastic or glass on a cheap quartz clock.
  5. AndyDWA

    Kundo Midget won't keep good time

    Re: Undo Midget won't keep good time As an aside to what everyone else has said... I assume you purchased a complete suspension? Where did you buy it from? Apparently some suppliers do not use Horolovar springs in their complete suspension units, so Horolovar codes like 5A become meaningless...
  6. AndyDWA

    Kieninger-Obergfell anniversary clock

    The square "clamps" are called blocks. The other is called the fork. The bottom block on these Kundo clocks is "trapped" in the top of the pendulum by a spring and pin arrangement. To remove the block from its trap, you raise the collar against the spring then remove the pin. The block will...
  7. AndyDWA

    Identity of 400 day clock

    I'd go with this being a variation of plate #1213A which has the same hole layout except for the bottom bracket holes. The are other Haller plates that also closely match but with minor variations, including #1232 as Kurt mentioned above, #1332 and #1485. As far as I can see all the similar...
  8. AndyDWA

    Koma - painted dial original?

    Thanks all. It turns out someone else wanted this clock more than I did (not a huge challenge), so it didn't come home with me.
  9. AndyDWA

    Koma - painted dial original?

    Basic parts are cheap enough - although postage and exchange rate don't always work in my favour. "Cost of time" isn't an issue since we only collect them. We don't sell them. I don't get nearly as much joy from a perfect clock as I do from a challenge. If I get this one, I will probably...
  10. AndyDWA

    Koma - painted dial original?

    Yep. It has a top block and fork but I couldn't see a bottom block. I have a variety of springs these days and may even have a bottom block, so no great problem there.
  11. AndyDWA

    Koma - painted dial original?

    I can only find a couple of examples of "koma clock painted dial" on Google images. One, listed at a South Australian auction house, is similar to this one but without the enamelled base and pendulum. The other, on watchesnsuch, features a renaissance-type image of someone playing a string...
  12. AndyDWA

    Serious verdigris corrosion on Schatz JUM/7

    Interesting. I was going to try and make an "easy-out" but if I can find some alum that might be a less-risky option.
  13. AndyDWA

    Koma - painted dial original?

    I saw a Koma standard today with a painted dial. While most of the clock is in relatively poor condition, including crazing of the chapter-ring paint, the illustrated portion of the dial looks pretty clean. I think it is plate 1393A (sorry about the quality of that photo) from the early '50s...
  14. AndyDWA

    Serious verdigris corrosion on Schatz JUM/7

    Using intermittent combinations of alcohol and vinegar, I have manged to separate the plates. Total casualties include: One backplate screw, one dial-collet grub screw and two pivots. :( At this stage I can only image how I might replace a pivot in a midget escape-wheel arbor so it may be a...
  15. AndyDWA

    ID two clocks?

    Thank you both. These are interstate and I have to establish (1) if they are for sale, (2) if I can afford them and (3) if they can be delivered to WA unbroken and at a reasonable price. I have my doubts about all those things :).
  16. AndyDWA

    Serious verdigris corrosion on Schatz JUM/7

    Started dismantling and was going reasonably well until that rusted backplate screw sheared off. I'm not sure how I'll remove the thread without pro tools. I am unable to separate the plates so far. I think one or two pivots are rusted in place, holding it all together tight. I'm thinking of...
  17. AndyDWA


    ...and people say they're difficult! :)
  18. AndyDWA

    Serious verdigris corrosion on Schatz JUM/7

    Thanks all. It did come with the original dome and is worth at least $10 in parts so I'm okay with it as a purchase - and as a project. We already have a JUM/7 without that little plastic suspension bracket guard so, if nothing else, we now have one of those :) Perhaps the most amazing thing...
  19. AndyDWA

    Serious verdigris corrosion on Schatz JUM/7

    Yes. I used to have coral reef aquaria some years ago and this looks like the sort of thing that used to grow on the glass :) I checked today and it doesn't wind. So either the spring or the hook is likely broken.
  20. AndyDWA

    Serious verdigris corrosion on Schatz JUM/7

    On a recent interstate trip, I picked up this poor little thing for $10. I couldn't return home without a 400-day clock and this was the only one available in my price range. I can't imagine how it got in this state but it has the most-serious corrosion I've seen to date on any clock. Other...

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