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  1. AndyDWA

    Schmeckenbecher Regula cuckoo clock

    I was given this cuckoo clock today by a lady who heard I was collecting old clocks. It's a Schmeckenbecher/Regula cuckoo clock and hasn't run for many years but is in near-new condition. I don't know much about cuckoo clocks but it seems to be fundamentally sound. I moved the hands to just...
  2. AndyDWA

    Garage Sale Freebie 2 - Brooks & Son art deco ?

    I was given two clocks today at a garage sale. The second is a Brook & Son, 8-day art deco(?), mounted in a timber block. I can't find much information about Brook & Son. The clock is in good condition, is fully-wound and ticks if I shake it, but stops a short time later. I assume it needs...
  3. AndyDWA

    Garage Sale Freebie - EJU German Mantel

    I was given two clocks today at a garage sale. The first is an EJU art deco mantel with what I believe is a Westminster chime (I still don't know much about clocks in general). It has a German movement stamped "45167 PL 13 cm" and has an EJU badge on the dial. The case is in reasonably poor...
  4. AndyDWA

    What did I just buy? - Belly Clock?

    I picked this up at a salvage yard as "with key but not working". It was fully wound and ticked with a bit of a shake. It's been running for an hour now, including eye movements. I assume it is cast iron as it weighs over 1.8kg (around 4 pounds) and has GERMANY 1858 cast underneath. But what...
  5. AndyDWA

    Diamond twin-bell alarm clock

    I picked this up- yesterday at a local op-shop (thrift shop). At $3 I think I got a bargain - it must be worth at least $4. I got it because 1: It's the style of clock I recall having as a kid in the early seventies and 2: I planned to use it in a still-life painting one day. It's missing the...
  6. AndyDWA

    Two "new" clocks - I know nothing...

    I got four clocks today from a chap who was ready to throw them out. I know a bit about 400-day clocks but virtually nothing about other clocks. I'm interested to know the approximate age and any other interesting information on these two. One is a Sessions chiming mantel(?) clock. It weighs...
  7. AndyDWA

    Okay, so what is it and "when" did it come from?

    I didn't think I was a clock person until I was bitten by 400-day clocks late last year. Then I thought I was only a 400-day clock person. And then... I found this little thing today and, for some reason, I had to own it. It's a bit grubby and has seen better days but it winds and runs. The...

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