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    Luminous Hands from Cousins

    I purchase most of my needs from Cousins - excellent company BUT .. not very user friendly: they will not answer questions! Can anyone tell me whether the luminous hands they sell are radioactive or not (phospohorescent)? Some are made by Horotec.
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    Urgently looking for stem/crown for Tissot 3299

    For a Tissot 3299 with ETA 956.412 movement, I am looking for a stem (401-906) and fitting crown. The only supplier I found was Esslinger, who demand an extortionate price for shipping. Can anyone help, please???
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    S26Seiko 7009 and 7S26 movements - hands for

    I don't seem to find the 3 shaft sizes (diameters) for the 7009 and 7S26 movements. Does anyone know these? Also, are there any GOOD technical drawings of these movements? For the 7009, I already have the SEIKO one attached, which is not very informative!!
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    Electric WW Seiko 7009: Conversion Mechanical -> Quartz

    Inever could never get to throwing away my old and broken (automaticmovement) and beloved Seiko 7009-3140. Had no problems doing thiswith my much costlier Eternamat Kon-Tiki which1) claimed to be a chronometer, which it wasn't, and 2) finally gaveup the ghost, with a potential of costing a...
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    Electric WW Question: Caliber AL33 Hattori. Problem securing crown-stem

    Question: When I pull out crown/stem to correct day/date/time, the stem comes out COMPLETELY. How can I secure the stem? In the photo attached is it the flattened hook on the right of the foto? Do I push it upwards, downwards, to left, to rfight? Or what? Thanks Bob

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