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    Affordable quartz Moon dial watches

    Affordable quartz Moon dial watchesCan anyone name me an affordable TRUE moon phase (28 days, not 24 hours) analogue quartz watch? I have Googled, Ebayed etc, and found nothing so far.
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    Who knows this TIMEX Expedition?

    Who knows the T-no. of this Timexc? Just bought it. Thanks
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    Station or Bahnhof Watch

    Does anyone know where I can find a TRUE station watch (type :Swiss railways?), whose second nd stops for a second or so at the 12 o'clock position?
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    Hattori AL and PC quartz movements

    Can anyone tell me the difference between Hattori's AL and PC movements (eg AL33 and PC33)?
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    Question: Caliber AL33 Hattori. Problem securing crown-stem

    Question: When I pull out crown/stem to correct day/date/time, the stem comes out COMPLETELY. How can I secure the stem? In the photo attached is it the flattened hook on the right of the foto? Do I push it upwards, downwards, to left, to rfight? Or what? Thanks Bob
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    Question: Watch Quartz Movement VY5N (or is it P032A?) in Infantry IN019

    I cannot find anywhere a leaflet on the movement. On the movement is written ..... SII O VY5N P032A but nowhere do I find anyhing on this movement when I 'Google'. Can anyone help?
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    Quartz SKMEI 9082, questions

    Justpurchased a quartz SKMEI 9082 and have a small problem (see attached2 photos): Crown/stemcomes out when I pull to second position. Is there a screw loose? Something to do with the word PUSH on the case? Also,can I adjust + and - with 1 of the 3 screws B, C ,D? What are theremaining screws...
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    Please help me identify this watch

    Foryears now, I have been struggling with my ETERNAMAT Kon-Tikit Automat which never kept good time, although I re-adjusted it x times. Someyears ago, I deposited it with Eterna at Grenchen for a clean-up andservice (for an extortionate fee!), I complained that for achronometer, I expected...

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