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    Help Identifying Regulator(is it a Biedermeier?) Clock Date and Manufacturer?

    Hi, I'm trying to help give a friend more information on his inherited clock. It looks amazing, but there are no markings and everything looks oddly new except for the back wood panel is obviously 100+ old, flathead screws and pins everywhere. The pendulum rod is metal, is this Invar? The...
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    Jewelers Clock Help

    hi, would anyone be able to help identify the manufacturer and date of my pinwheel escapement clock? thank you!
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    Can Anyone Interpret this Signature/Clockmaker?

    I believe this to be a Scottish Drumhead clock from 1785. Even after seeing the initials or signature, I can't figure out what it says. I edited a picture to show more detail of the letters. Any guesses to the letters or name or clockmaker? thankyou
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    Clockmakers A&E or L Adams Late 1700's to early 1800's?

    I have an old 5' tall wall regulator possibly made around 1815 with the initials A&E and also L Adams engraved in a gear. I know this clock lived in Belfast Maine from at least 1837 to 1947. It also has many other names engraved on the same gear that we have already found information on - T...
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    Manufacturer of this Regulator?

    Without looking at the movement, can anyone tell me the manufacturer/history/type of this clock? It looks like it has a single weight behind the pendulum, similar to Howard? I'm a little confused as to the location of the winding arbor, and how the movement would actually look. thankyou
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    Tiffany Clock? The Manufacturer?

    I recently purchased this clock and was hoping for more information. The engraving for Tiffany looks a little odd, I think it says TIFFANY & COMPY? The movement has AF with a circle around it, anyone know if this is the trademark for the actual manufacturer and who it is? Is this French...
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    Help identifing clock movement, original?

    hi, could someone please help me identify this movement, and could it be original to the case? French? Im just use to seeing round movements in French clocks, is this always the case? thankyou
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    Please ID this Clock Help Completing Windup Movement

    Hi, before I property clean this movement, I would like help identifying what it is missing. It is a windup movement. The case it came out of says Royal Vienna, but there are no marks on the movement. the escapement assembly is missing something to slow it down, it looks like something goes...
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    Help with old Cuckoo Clock

    Could someone please help me identify this clock? I was hoping to find out the year, manufacturer and I'm missing the bob and would love to see a picture of what the bob should look like. A few things that are not typical(or at least with newer cuckoo clocks), the bellows are more of a...
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    Unmarked German Mantel

    Hi, I was hoping someone might be able to help identify the manufacturer/year. I'm pretty sure it is German around 1930, but have no idea of the manufacturer. The only marking on the movement is a 12 on the bottom left corner. There is a sticker on the back cabinet door, but all it says is...
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    Junghans Grandfather

    I have a Junghans clock that I can't seem to find any information on, instead of having a typical J inside the star of the trademark, it has an I. It also says B19 and 60. Did Junghans make very many of these clocks? When were they made, and why the I instead of J? Sorry it is in pieces...
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    Howard Miller Ship's Clock

    I'd like to get more information on my Howard Miller clock. It came off a boat, but I don't know the age. The face is about 6" in diameter. There is a slow fast adjustment on the face that fits using a flathead screwdriver. On the back of the clock there is a small cover just for the...

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