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  1. macaw

    Help with identification

    I just got this one from a friend who bought it in the Netherlands about 50 years ago. Anybody recognize it? No markings other than the serial number.
  2. macaw

    1920's Urgos Hall Clock

    I just brought this home, and I believe the entire clock is by Urgos in the 1920's/30's. It's only 6'2" tall. The little bit I can find says they manufactured clocks and movements around this time, (both movement and chime block are Urgos) . Any information confirming either way would be good to...
  3. macaw

    Becker Clock info needed

    A Becker I got today. Model and age help needed. It has the Gloria gong that I didn't photograph. Thanks, Mark
  4. macaw

    Manufacturer & age help needed

    I just got this today and need help with the maker and age, and any other info anyone has
  5. macaw

    Fusee Sleleton Clock

    I just brought this one home today, resistance was futile. Now I'm needing to know anything anyone can tell me about it, age, possible maker, care and feeding? Are there any books on restoration? It also came with a base and domed glass cover, although I doubt that was original. Thanks, Mark
  6. macaw

    Colonial 1482, No. 53 Movement

    I just brought this one home today, a Colonial model 1482 with #53 movement. I love the clock but the unfortunate part is that a previous owner refinished it in a sort of greenish walnut. The movement is marked Miller, Germany. Is there any information available on Miller?
  7. macaw

    Kienzle Tall Case Clock

    I saw this on CL and really liked it, so I made an offer I didn't think the seller would take, and he did. Needless to say, I didn't waste any time picking it up. It's a Kienzle, about 8' tall. Can anyone give me a date of manufacture? And any other information on it. Thanks, Mark
  8. macaw

    Waterbury Clock

    I bought this one yesterday when looking at other clocks. The ones I went to look at were way over priced, but I really liked this one, and bought before he put it out for sale. I'm hoping the 150.00 wasn't too much, but when you like one enough, it's worth what you're willing to pay. All that...
  9. macaw

    German Very Tall Case Clock

    Another one I got and would like any information on the maker and age. It was stripped when I got it and any info on the correct stain to use would also help.
  10. macaw

    American GF Manufacturer & Date?

    I just got this one along with two others and would like to know the age and manufacturer of it. The paper tag on the back has what looks like model 917 penciled in.
  11. macaw

    Colonial 1166

    I just brought this one home today. I believe the case is #1166, and I think the movement is Winterhalder but would really like confirmation or know who it is, and a close manufacture date. Thanks, Mark
  12. macaw

    Ugos 5 Tube Movement in a Howard Miller

    I made another 5 hour round trip back to Duluth to pick up a Howard Miller & I never thought I'd buy one (never say never) I couldn't fit this in the car with the Herschede I got from him last weekend. Anyway, I'd like information on when Urgos made the UW03028 A movement sn/ 159295 (if that...
  13. macaw

    1923 Herschede 7 Tube, Colonial Case

    I just brought home this 1923 Herschede 7 tube with a case by Colonial. It's missing the finial, would anyone be able to post a picture of the finial that it would have come with, or a catalog picture of the clock? Mark
  14. macaw

    Becker Roundhead Dating

    I just brought this one home today, the movement's very dirty and looks like it needs a bushing or two. I haven't done it before, but I guess I need to learn. Anyway, the only number where the serial number is, is 0. I'm hoping to get some info as to when it was made and why a serial number of...
  15. macaw

    HAC "Cod Fishing" Statue Clock

    I just brought this one home. The same as a 2012 posting but with a complete statue. And missing the pendulum. Does anyone have information on Hamburg American selling movements for statue clocks, or did HAC make the complete clock? The 2012 posting gave an approximate date as 1904, is there...
  16. macaw

    Make & Age Help Needed

    I just added this one to the accumulation. It was posted on Ebay as a Japy, but it doesn't have the trademark that's on others I've seen and worked on. So, is it a Japy, or who else made it, and when was it made? Thanks, Mark
  17. macaw

    Binkosha Wall Clock

    I just picked this up at an antique store yesterday. Does anyone know anything about the age, or any info on this Japanese clock and company?
  18. macaw

    Help Dating a Gilbert Banjo Clock

    I got this recently on my latest clock buying spree. I think teens to '20's but I'm hoping for a closer guess. Any info would be appreciated. The video is at
  19. macaw

    Waterbury No. 2 Banjo Clock

    I just bought this Banjo clock at an estate sale today. It's somewhat beatup and I can't find anything on one without painted glass, or all black. Did they make one like this, or was the glass replaced as I think it was? also, did they make one that's all black? I looks to me like it was painted...
  20. macaw

    Kienzle Round Head Tall Case Clock

    Just made a 5 hour round trip to pick this up today, I couldn't pass it up for $350.00. Is there any way to date it? I'm guessing '20's or '30's but would like to get it closer if possible. Any idea who would use a clock with a 24 hour dial? This is the first I've seen. This is a youtube link...

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