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  1. AndyDWA

    New Koma

    I picked this up today at a local auction. I paid a little more than I would normally expect to pay for a Koma, but we have nothing like it in our collection and I’ve not seen anything quite like it before. It’s quite heavy for its size. It appears to be in good condition except for the...
  2. AndyDWA

    JUF Bandstand newest addition

    I haven’t posted for a long time but recently acquired a number of 400 day clocks from a relative. The prize among them is this JUF Bandstand. I believe it is plate 1617. Serial no 164592 (1922?). Pendulum stamped DRGM 403658, which I understand is common. Appears to complete and in good...
  3. AndyDWA

    Koma - painted dial original?

    I saw a Koma standard today with a painted dial. While most of the clock is in relatively poor condition, including crazing of the chapter-ring paint, the illustrated portion of the dial looks pretty clean. I think it is plate 1393A (sorry about the quality of that photo) from the early '50s...
  4. AndyDWA

    Serious verdigris corrosion on Schatz JUM/7

    On a recent interstate trip, I picked up this poor little thing for $10. I couldn't return home without a 400-day clock and this was the only one available in my price range. I can't imagine how it got in this state but it has the most-serious corrosion I've seen to date on any clock. Other...
  5. AndyDWA

    ID two clocks?

    I managed to snap photos of these two clocks. Unfortunately, this is all I could get - no backplates pics. The smaller clock (I think it was miniature size), has a GB logo on the dial which is severely crazed, with pieces falling out. The disc pendulum appears to have a shaft. I don't know...
  6. AndyDWA

    Identify Junghans from sketch?

    I have this sketch which was traced from a really bad photo. I think the clock is a Junghans - plate 1625 (I can't see "Germany" top left so I think it's not 1171) The pendulum looks like #31 except the top features a "rings of Saturn" dome. It also does not have the crescent "slider" as seen...
  7. AndyDWA

    New JUF needs a date

    I received this clock today from a chap who thought it was a Kienzle. Since I had not seen the "C" suspension bracket before (except in pictures), I thought he may be right. Looking through the book and searching the forum, I now believe it to be a JUF from somewhere around 1908-1910 (plate...
  8. AndyDWA

    Wonky anchor? Koma standard lacks power.

    I have a Koma standard which is a gift for a relative. I believe it is a variation of Plate 1683. I have been right through this clock finding and fixing issues as I go, including a bent centre arbor, removing a spring tension washer that didn't belong and adding a dome tension washer that...
  9. AndyDWA

    Another JUF joins the collection

    I recently purchased this JUF along with a few other 400-day clocks. This is the second clock we have which carries a "Levinson" label on the dial. I believe it is a variation of plate 1595 as it has the double-elephant logo and no circular jahresuhrenfabrik stamp, but it does have a...
  10. AndyDWA

    Ornate Kundo standard

    It's been a while since I've posted much of anything but I have been busy :) I picked up this clock (and a few more) last month and got it running a couple of weeks ago. It's a late-model, narrow-plate Kundo standard. Probably plate 1380, featuring a clip-on suspension guard. The crown...
  11. AndyDWA

    Kundo pendulum weights - again

    I recently purchased a square-dial Kundo standard for my mother-in-law and set about cleaning it up. I had to "straighten" the anchor pin to get it going but could barely get 180deg turn out of it. The pendulum only weighed in at ~240g (~8.5oz), which I understand is at the low end of Kundo...
  12. AndyDWA

    "Solid Steel Pinions" marked on back. ID?

    I just saw a clock but was unfortunately unable to take photos as my camera battery was flat. The owner has been told he has something very rare but I was unable to id it or offer any advice. It is a disc pendulum model with a bell-bottom suspension guard. The words "SOLID STEEL PINIONS" are...
  13. AndyDWA

    Kundo Coaches, eBay wins

    I recently won these on eBay and picked them up direct from the seller last weekend. They are Kundo "coach" (?) miniatures. Both are plate 1406H, I believe. One is missing a bottom block and the other is missing two case-lock nuts and suspension guard. I've temporarily used some regular...
  14. AndyDWA

    Kern Standard, eBay wins

    Having not sourced a 400 day clock for a while, I recently started checking ebay again and won four clocks in two separate auctions. Not my favourite way to buy them, but one has to feed one's habit :) The first two are these Kern standards which arrived by post today. I'm not sure which...
  15. AndyDWA

    Our third Schatz Jum/7 Midget

    We found this little 1962 Schatz Jum/7 (coach?) at a collectors' fair in Perth. We purchased it with the Kundo Midget I posted earlier. It's fairly tidy but is missing the complete suspension unit, including the saddle assembly and saddle guard. The guard isn't necessary but it's not much use...
  16. AndyDWA

    Brought home a Kundo Midget

    My wife and I went to Perth for the weekend and found this Kundo midget and a Schatz midget sitting together at a collectors' fair. As the only 400-day clocks at the event, we felt they looked lonely and needed a new home. We now have six midgets in our collection, but this is our first...
  17. AndyDWA

    Koma midget floral

    I picked up this pretty little midget back in May from a lady who had three 400-day clocks for sale. The other two were the black floral Kundo and white New Master I posted earlier today. This one had a twisted suspension wire but was otherwise in very good condition. I straightened and...
  18. AndyDWA

    Nisshindo New Master standard

    This is one of four clocks I purchased in May this year. It's an odd little beast being both "cheap" and charming at the same time. As a modern clock, I actually like the overall look of this one, especially as it came to me complete and in pristine condition - but it is a shame the...
  19. AndyDWA

    Black floral Kundo standard

    This is one of four clocks I picked up in one day back in May, as mentioned here. It's a standard Kundo with black trim and floral decoration. I believe it's plate 1377 which the book dates at 1951 but it has the below-plate suspension lock (which I understand to be post-1954) and is in...
  20. AndyDWA

    Some more for the collection...

    I picked up four anniversary clocks back in May and realised I never posted them here. I like to post them all on the forum because I have often fond it useful to refer back to the subsequent conversation, especially for the troublesome ones :) I've also been learning PHP and working on my own...

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