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    Everything is centered?

    Suddenly a lot of the content of the board is being formatted as centered rather than left justified. Including things like the forum topic lists, and the postings themselves. Did I accidentally hit some user option? Or did someone break something?
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    I learned about watchmaking from that...

    We should have a forum with that subject. (With apologies to the AOPA) The little ladies Seiko 5 you see in the attached picture started as a routine COA. In fact I had it cleaned re-assembled to about the stage you see and gave it a wind. It takes off running just like it should. Great! I...
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    OXO Timer

    Not really a "watch" but an OXO kitchen timer found it's way to my workbench today (it had ceased to function). I thought some of you might find the mechanism interesting. It's a lever escapement, and not pin-pallets either. The escape wheel and most of the train is plastic as you might...
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    schatz "elexacta" swinger...

    Greetings: I hope I'm posting this in the appropriate forum. I mostly mess with watches, not clocks, but one of the hazards of being known among your friends as "the watch guy" stuff comes your way. So an acquaintance asked me to check out the clock you see in pictures here. It's a swinger...
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    Difficulties in logging in.

    Continuing a discussion that started in the Watch Repair forum where it was observed that several of us were having difficulties logging into the main NAWCC site to view articles in the bulletin. Clicking on the "NAWCC LOGIN" link would give a lengthy error message (quoted below). As of this...
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    Seiko LCD

    Just finished restoring my vintage Seiko LCD back to operational condition. I purchased this watch brand new in 1978 for the grand sum of $200. Wore it daily for a about 10 years. Unfortunately the o-rings on the pushers failed and allowed water to get to the circuitry -- see the rust in...
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    English PW Installing Seiko pusher O-RIngs.

    I'm in the process of restoring a ~1978 Seiko Quartz LCD watch. Having gotten the electronics working I turned my attention to the case. In particular the O-rings on the pushers and the stem were hard as rocks and no longer sealing. The old ones came off in bits. But then I was faced...
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    Mechanical WW Vintage LED Bracelet help?

    I recently help a friend get this old LED watch (was his father's) functional. The only remaining problem is that the bracelet is just a bit too tight for him (probably by one or two links). I thought I had the perfect solution in the form of an extender piece from ofrei. (See pictures)...
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    Dual Timezone Ball/Hamilton 999p

    Being known as "the watch guy" at work, a co-worker brought in the watch in the attached pictures for me to take a look at. Not only is it a Ball 999p in very good condition, but it has 2 hour hands. Unlike the ones I've seen before where the two hands are essentially one piece, this appears...
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    Photographing through a microscope

    I spent a bit of time this afternoon in the shop making a simple adapter to allow my point-and-shoot Canon camera to take pictures through my Lomo Microscope. The adapter is a plastic ring that fits the outer diameter of my camera's lens on one side and the microscope eyepiece on the other...
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    Autologout necessary?

    First of all thanks: I really appreciate that the viewing history has been restored to its old ways of remembering what posts I actually read (as opposed to what was there last time I logged in.) But now my question is: Is it really necessary to have the auto logout? Perhaps it might be...
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    Still Learning, todays lesson: pinning a hairspring.

    This project started out as a simple "clean and lubricate" to try and get my still limited watchmaking skills some exercise after a bit of a break. The subject is a Bulova 5AC ladies watch. It became more than that when I snapped off the head of the ratchet wheel screw. Who puts a left-hand...
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    Did something change?

    Something changed in the last couple of weeks with the MB. Previously if I logged in and did not read some threads, those threads would still be marked as "unread" the next time I logged in. Now when I log in the only "new" threads are the ones that changed since the last login. (ie all the...
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    Swiss Watchmaking: The View from 1861

    Scientific American Article from 1861:
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    American PW Learning...

    My learning exercise for the past few weekends has been to try and make a functional stem for an Elgin 760 movement. The exercise is not entirely academic, I have one which I re-cased into a modern case and while I was able to get the original Elgin Crown to work it would be much better with a...
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    Measuring an unknown thread pitch.

    I had cause recently to want to know the thread pitch on the stem of an Elgin wristwatch I was working on as I was unable to find a crown or stem extension to fit. I tried several different things before hitting upon this idea: A bit of thin soft metal is drilled about .1 mm smaller than the...
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    Younger generation's perception of a GF gong.

    Are grandfather clocks really bipolar as this blogger suggests?
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    Mechanical WW Old watch new case.

    I had purchased this Elgin on EBay some years ago. I suspect that it was originally in a solid gold case that was sent off to the scrappers. Fortunately for me whoever salvaged the moment took reasonable care and as you can see all is in pretty good shape: So I decided give it a new case...
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    Goobers on pivots.

    A new problem (to me at least): I'm in the process of overhauling a 1960's vintage Elgin. Once I got the going train assembled, I gave it a gentle nudge and sure enough it spins beautifully. Then installed the fork and balance... Only barely runs (when started with the aid of a puff from my...
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    Electric Pallet Warmer

    Though you folks might be interested in the alternative to the traditional alcohol lamp that I cobbled together. I used a TO-220 package 50 ohm power resistor for the active element (Digikey item #MP930-50.0F, $3.51), the value chosen to match a 24 VDC, 500 mA wall-wart style power supply I...

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