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    Japanese [Watch Repair] Repairing a beaten up vintage Citizen 8200! Video included

    Hello watch bangers! Its been a while because I have decided to change my project schedule a bit but nevertheless, I bring you my most recent watch! This Report will be focusing on my work on an old Citizen watch with a Miyota 8200 movement! Next to the usual service features such as crystal...
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    Repairing a fully lumed up Seiko 7009! Full Walkthrough and Video included!

    Hi dear Watchbangers, and welcome back to another little report from me! This week I am keeping in my set deadline and delivering my next project on time haha (not like last week).I know there probably have been a million reports, reviews and video on this but hey, it's a classic; so this weeks...
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    Japanese [Watch repair guide] Complete Repair of a Seiko 4206A with Video !

    Hi Watch bangers! I did actually make it a personal goal of mine to present a watch every week but real-life caught up and ive been busy helping people move around haha. But nevertheless I am a week late but have another beautifull watch and project report for you guys! Before you read the...
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    [Restoration] [ Junghans] Full repair of fleamarket found Junghans 93/1 for my brothers Birthday!

    Hi everyone! This time I'm back again with a little something which turned out to be something of a hybrid project. I had repaired and planned a video on a Junghans watch with the 93 movement caliber to give to my younger brother ( which young adult doesn't need a nice looking watch) and had...
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    Full restoration of a golden soviet luch 2209 with video

    Dear NAWCC Community and watch lovers, after alot of logistical drama with DHL ( almost half a year of shipping smh), I finally got a few parts and calibers of old soviet watches which I ordered off of Ebay last year. Coincidentally, a friend of mine gifted me an old book about watchmaking for...
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    Japanese Mechanical WW Cleaning Disassembly Repairing a old Citizen 6628

    Hello there dear Watch bangers! I recently got an old Citizen watch with a Miyota 6628 skeleton movement from an Ebay purchase and fixed it up in a video for youtube. I just wanted to have the whole step by step process in writing aswell so thats why im sharing my journey with you! General...

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