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    Watches as investments?

    Hey everybody. I was just wondering what some of y’all thought about pocket watches as an investment? I know there are so many factors at stake, and I’m definitely not talking about dropping a whole nest egg into pocket watches, haha. I recently purchased an early American pocket watch. I’m not...
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    Antique pocket watch upkeep

    Hey everybody, I've been really interested in pocket watches for a long time. I have several examples, most of them family heirlooms, but I would say I am far from having much of a collection. I'm in the process of trying to buy a model of a watch that I have had my eyes on for probably 10-15...
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    Having Trouble Installing Mainspring

    I'm having some trouble installing the mainspring on my Elgin pocket watch. I'm thinking that maybe the hole at the end of the mainspring is not lining up with the little notch on the inside of the barrel. When I previously installed it, it would act like it was tightening up, but after several...
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    Ingraham clock pendulum question.

    I'm trying to fix an Ingraham clock for my father. It runs but keeps terrible time. Yesterday I set it and it gained an hour and a half in 8 hours. I'm certain the problem is the spring steel that is attached to the pendulum. I had to make one to see if I could get it running. I have the...
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    American PW Questions concerning fixing an Elgin mainspring.

    Hi everybody, I'm new to the the forum and watch repair. My dad and I started, I guess you could say, a joint project. We have one of his old Elgin pocket watches that isn't working anymore and we decided that we were going to work on it. We both did some research and assumed the mainspring was...

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