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    Benjamin Gray & Justin Vulliamy - date codes

    I just purchased this Gray & Vulliamy watch in an auction in London for a fairly modest price, perhaps reflecting the fact that the case (which appears to have been made for the movement) is hallmarked for 1885, whereas the movement (I presume) dates to around 1745 -1765. The watch is working...
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    Help with Benson canon pinion removal

    Dear All, I decided in a moment of post-Christmas ennui to dis-assemble a Benson pocket watch with the Ludgate movement. The watch wasn't going and was looking in need of a good clean. I've not attempted such a job before, but having been watching plenty of videos on YouTube and doing a bit of...
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    Help identifying arrow mark on stopwatch

    Dear All, Does anyone know the significance of this mark on the back of a stopwatch, please? The watch is a 30 second timer with a subsidiary minute hand that counts up to 15 minutes The stem of the arrow incorporates an F and the number underneath reads 163. I'm guessing it dates to the...

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