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    Era identification Sessions Beehive

    Can someone assist with an approximate year on this Sessions clock? No dates stamped on the movement. It does have a Porcelain dial.
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    Korean Ansonia Clone?

    Serviced this clock for my cousin. He purchased in south Korea in 1980 for his parents. Trying to find out more info about the maker and era it was produced. The plates are stamped steel and has a mix of brass and steel components. No makers mark anywhere. My Facebook group thought maybe Sam...
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    Bushing Selection Assistance Needed

    Taking the next step for adding bushings and need some assistance. I ordered KWM bushing assortment #1 based on typical pivot sizes for American clocks and reamers 1.8mm & 2.7mm. What I now noticed is the plates have bushings with an OD of about 3.85mm. It appears I would have no problem...
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    Seth Thomas model 89 Hour Strike Timing

    The clock goes to ready status at 3/4 hour and starts the strike sequence 5 minutes later, how do I adjust the delay? I have been making small adjustments but this is the closest I can get it. I suspect it was bent out of shape at sometime, antique store find. Pictures of how it's supposed to...

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