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    Bulle Bulle clock running fast: help please

    Thanks James. The contact spring was not connected but the clock was running ok without it!. However now all connected and the clock is running without the irrational movement (good description). I thorougly cleaned the fork with acetone - there may have been some remains of oil on it and I...
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    Bulle Bulle clock running fast: help please

    Thank you peter for your helpful reply. I am simply measuring across the two leads coming from the coil to check continuity. I am getting the same reponse from another coil from an older bulle clock. I wonder whether the multimeter has insufficient power to run through the wiring. I am aware...
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    Bulle Bulle clock running fast: help please

    I trained as an antiquarian horologist so tackling electrical clocks is a new challenge for me. I have been working on a 1935 Bulle 'Apollo' model with a v shaped metal pendulum suspension probably a british innovation. I have struggled to keep the clock going. Frequently going well then slowing...

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