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  1. horologintex

    Self winding wall clock

    If the clock was completely run down before the battery change, you may need to "jump start" the motor to get the winding cam back in place. With your two "D" cells in series and making contact with the alligator clips, look for a "leaf contact" on the left side of the wooden case. Press the...
  2. horologintex

    help identify neon mantle clock?

    Ingulphus- Just so happens I have come across the same table model Glo-Dial clock. I need to get inside the dial casing to remove some loose material, and need some advice. I thought if I removed the three screws around the base, the whole assembly would lift off so that I could loosen...
  3. horologintex

    Post Your W. Würth & Co. Clocks Here

    Re: Before and after Thanks to a wonderful presentation by John Hubby at the All Texas Chapters Regional in Houston, I now know that I have a Wurth clock instead of a Kienzle. John has also determined that it was clock #25 in the 26th Charles Terwilliger Silent Auction of 1986. I will let him...
  4. horologintex

    American PW Elgin, 12s, Grade 345, Mainspring

    Hi Folks! Need some help on the correct mainspring size for an Elgin Pocket Watch. The serial number is 26313570, and from I have determined that it is a 12s, 17j, grade 345. But I cannot find what size mainspring I need for replacement. Also, I have heard that the...
  5. horologintex

    Post Your W. Würth & Co. Clocks Here

    Re: Help Identify 400 day Clock + Pendulum Help Les and John- Thanks so much for the information on my clock. I will post some more pictures once I get it cleaned up. John- 1-There is a pivot bridge on the front plate, but not for the anchor pivot. It is for the intermediate wheel (or...
  6. horologintex

    Post Your W. Würth & Co. Clocks Here

    Help Identify 400 day Clock + Pendulum Help As if I didn't have enough projects awaiting my attention... Unfortunately, I'm a sucker for these poor clocks that need help. Anyway, I'm thinking this is a Kienzle with Plate 1427 and the No. 14 gimbaled suspension. I'd appreciate a concurrence or...
  7. horologintex

    Need help with Gilbert dual-layer movement!

    Here are some additional photos to help illuminate the situation... They are: 1) Middle plate and quasi spring barrel 2) Spring hook inside quasi barrel 3) Middle plate and quasi spring barrel assembled
  8. horologintex

    Carriage clock has stopped working

    Archie- Two things you might try: 1) Grasp the clock from the top of the case and give it a gentle, yet firm, rotation to see if you can get the balance wheel moving. You should be able to see it through the little glass window on the top of the clock. 2) If that doesn't work, take your key...
  9. horologintex

    Need help with Gilbert dual-layer movement!

    Thanks for all the helpful suggestions! 1) I was able to use wire to secure the strike spring before removing the back plate. It's a fairly weak spring, so that wasn't a problem. 2) However, the time spring is much stronger. It is also a hole end, rather than a loop end, so the clearance when...
  10. horologintex

    Need help with Gilbert dual-layer movement!

    I think I have encountered the same Gilbert movement. What a mess. Bad repivoting jobs. Missing a pin on the gathering pallet. Loose clicks. Mangled springs. And all on a poorly designed movement... Unfortunately, the case is really nice, so I can't tell the customer it's a piece of junk...:mad...
  11. horologintex

    Seth Thomas Empire No. 11-Mvmt. #48N

    Well, I finally got the mainspring arbor out of the barrel. The attached photos will show why I was having such a problem! And the S4 wheel wasn't as bad as it could have been. Somehow they made a sheath to go around the original arbor which held the sawed off end of a sewing needle to act as...
  12. horologintex

    Seth Thomas Empire No. 11-Mvmt. #48N

    Does anybody know of a source for specs/technical info on the Seth Thomas movement 48N? I bought this on ebay with the thought that it would just need a quick cleaning and a few new beveled glass panels. Ha! I've got a barrel arbor with the winding square snapped off, a wheel with bent teeth...
  13. horologintex

    Need Self-Winding Parts and Assembly help

    Here are some photos of what the appropriate motor should look like. Sorry, I don't have a spare one. But at least you'll have an idea of what to look for... Good luck.
  14. horologintex

    Shelf Clock--where does it go?

    I used to manage a house museum in Greensboro, NC (period of interpretation was 1841-1866). We had five clocks, three of which sat on fireplace mantels. One was a pillar and scroll, wood works , 30-hour - can't remember the maker. One was a double decker, 30-hour, Elisha Hotchkiss wood works...
  15. horologintex

    400 Day Koma Clock Problem

    I have a KOMA Miniature 400-day clock, and encountered the same problem with a replacement suspension unit from TimeSavers. The top block is significantly narrower than the saddle. Unfortunately, when I bought the clock, it was missing the entire suspension unit and the pendulum. Bill...
  16. horologintex

    clocks stored in a barn

    CJo- I would echo what most people have said. This is a great opportunity to learn, without a huge outlay of money. When I first got into this hobby/vocation, I bought a variety of inexpensive clocks to work on. I didn't want to take on someone's family heirloom, and cause it harm. Those...

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