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    Warren Telechron Co. Master Clock Type B Electric 110v Oak Case Serial 513

    Interesting 110V 50HZ Warren Master Clock that was sold in the UK - Serial #513 - I have one of date unknown with Serial #401. 110V/50HZ seems somewhat weird in the UK - there are comments by the seller that maybe this came over during WW2? Link to listing
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    Neon Lighted Tower Clock

    From our archives (maybe 1940's/1950's) - a 10' diameter tower clock for Dawson Ale and Beer - located on South Huntington Avenue - Boston, Massachusetts USA - Neon-lighted clock hands and dial markings. I believe our #4 Tower Clock Movement.
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    1930's Neon tower Clock

    An interesting tower clock manufactured by Electric Time Company, Inc. I believe in the 1930s located in Arlington, Massachusetts.
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    Standard Observatory Clock

    Interesting photos posted on the NAWCC facebook site (not my clock) but I've never heard of this manufacturer.
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    Research Paper on line frequency and timekeeping

    Research paper on Time and Frequency from electrical power lines from the NIST ABSTRACT Due to the efforts of Henry Warren, inventor of the Telechron electric clock, electric power companies have been a source of time and frequency reference for the public for over a hundred years. However...
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    Gents Master Clock - used to run a synthesizer.

    interesting - this person used a a Gent Master Clock to gate a synthesizer.
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    Self Winding Bracket Clock Historical Photograph - FOUND

    While browsing through a Self-Winding Clock Company Catalog, I came across a partial list of their installations, one in Gardner Massachusetts, close to our factory. I dropped an email to the Gardner, Massachusetts Historical Society, and they sent me the photo attached. Sadly the clock is...
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    S. Prestley Blake, who has died at 106, Co-Founder of Friendly’s

    A bit of a stretch for clock news - but a bit of a historical tidbit, Stewart Prestley Blake, known as Pres (pronounced “press”), was born Nov. 26, 1914, in Jersey City, N.J., and grew up in Springfield. His father was vice president for sales at Standard Electric Time Co., a maker of clocks...
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    Seth Thomas Street Clock Installation - South Korean

    Time Lapse You Tube Video of a Seth Thomas Street Clock being installed in a shopping Center in South Korea.
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    Chapter 8 Event - Watch Timing Equipment What it Can and Can’t Do - 11/18/2020 @ 7:30 pm

    Description: Please join us on Wednesday evening, November 18, 2020 at 7:30 p.m. to hear Jack Kurdzionak, FAWCI, CW 21, and manager of Eckcells Watch Material, Compton NH, discuss the history of adjusting and regulating watches and current developments in the industry. Some of the presentations...
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    Howard Street Clock - Historical Photo - 1950's

    Photo in Boston from the 1950s of a large two dial E. Howard street clock that had been tarted up as signage for a Chinese restaurant The clock has been "de-tarted" and moved - maybe during the 1960s during "urban renewal" of the area. I've also attached a recent photograph. photo-credit...
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    Today Virtually @ 7.30pm Simon Willard Eight-day Clocks

    You must register in advance for this webinar: Link to Registration After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. Speaker Robert C. Cheney, Executive Director of the Willard House and Clock Museum As the most complicated trade in...
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    Cut Sheet from a Howard Catalog

    This is a new one - which I haven't seen before.
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    TELECHRON 'CONDUCTOR' added to Electric Time Clock Museum.
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    20' Diameter Clock - Bang Sue Central Train Station

    We just completed and supervised the installation of a 20' diameter clock at the Bang Sue Central Train Station in Bangkok Thailand. The clock movement uses our #5 Tower Clock Movement. More information at this link.
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    Dial Telegraph by Louis-François Breguet

    Wasn't sure where to post this - but thought the group might be interested in an article on a Dial Telegraph by Louis-François Breguet.
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    Rare 1892 tower clock, long an exhibit at OMSI, looking for new home in Portland

    #4 Howard Movement in Portland looking for a new home. The museum called in a local group of clock and watch enthusiasts to help prepare it for storage. It will then go into a crate and sit in storage unless another venue wants it. Kerry Tymchuk, the executive director of the Oregon Historical...
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    Nixie Tubes Displays and Clocks

    IEEE Spectrum has an interesting article on Nixie tubes - they used to be used on digital clocks and other devices with digital displays. I remember as a kid playing with an early digital calculator at Wang labs in the 1960's that used Nixie tubes for a display.
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    FAO Schwarz Custom Mechanism

    Custom mechanism using stepper motors and custom software for the new FAO Schwarz store in NYC. We modified the design of one of our #4 tower clock movements for this special application. At the top of the hour the mechanism goes crazy - then indexes to 12.00.00 and then proceeds to the...
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    Amtrak - Schenectady Clocks

    Electric Time Company was pleased to design and manufacture the (2) six-foot diameter tower clocks with stainless steel cases and a tower clock control that synchronizes to the atomic clocks on the GPS satellite constellation for the new Amtrak – Schenectady train station. Synopsis of the...

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