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  1. Crystal464

    Other Tiffany Never Wind clock parts

    Still looking for clock parts from our Great Grandfather’s Tiffany Never Wind Clocks. Upon his passing in 1954 his home was cleaned out (43 Oakridge Ave Summit City, New Jersey). Most items went to Xerox at that time. I nor family, am not aware of everything else including photos.
  2. Crystal464

    Other George Steele Tiffany Neverwind

    Looking for parts/faces for his many great grandchildren. Thank you
  3. Crystal464

    Tiffany Tiffany never wind battery clock

    Any chance you have the clock face still?
  4. Crystal464

    What’s this building?

    Hello, Inquiring about engraving on the front of this Hampden/Dueber. Their is a building or town. Does anyone know if this has a meaning? Also the cover over the mechanism has an etched cross and 3 or 4 numbers. I see the case and watch #’s but the town gets the curiosity going.
  5. Crystal464

    Tiffany Tiffany never wind battery clock

    Did you keep the parts? (Great-Great Grandfather is George S Tiffany)
  6. Crystal464

    Tiffany Never Wind identification help

    Were you able to get this clock running?

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