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  1. Sam Jeens

    Adjusting Collets thermal paste vs Soldering iron and/or other

    Hi everyone, just wondered if anyone had any experience with using thermal paste to adjust collet positions? I recently had a fusee clock on my bench and the pendulum leader collet was leaning approx. 5 degrees to the right and needed the collet adjusting. I used Thermal paste to ensure I...
  2. Sam Jeens

    Liverpool Window Jewels

    I am Currently writing a learning journel for university. and my item is a Irish 1860 pocket watch by John Donegan. on the Fusee cone there is a large Liverpool Window jewel. my question is Why? i've found many articles that state that they are present and what they are called, but nothing that...
  3. Sam Jeens

    Removing Tarnish on silvered platform

    Hi all, I am currently studying Horology at Birmingham City University. we've been restoring a carriage clock in this project, an whilst doing this I found that the platform had been silvered but was heavily tarnished. My tutor told us to use cream of tartar in a toothpaste like consistency...
  4. Sam Jeens

    Carriage clock identification & history

    Can anyone help me with identifying this carriage clock, I believe it is around c.1890 - 1910 but I could be wrong. any information would be greatly appreciated.

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