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  1. Gage_robertson_collector

    Sessions Clocks Briefcase

    Has anybody ever seen this before? I am thinking that it should most likely belong in a museum. I live In West Hartford, Connecticut. About 20 minutes drive from the Sessions Clock Factory. I had decided one day to explore the complex a little to appreciate the history and the architecture of...
  2. Gage_robertson_collector

    How do you catalogue repaired clocks/ clock acquisitions?

    Hello, I am beginning the process of cataloguing all of my clocks so I have reference of all the ones I have purchased for the future. At this point, I have acquired well over thirty mantle clock sized clocks, mostly Seth Thomas and Gilbert, as well as Sessions. So it is safe to say I have my...
  3. Gage_robertson_collector

    Is this the correct way for the suspension spring to be mounted on this Seth Thomas movement?

    I am a bit puzzled here, after looking over this adjustment system, I could not figure out how the speed adjustment bar would do anything unless the suspension spring ended right on it and not on the first (top most) suspension spring mount point. My question is, should I have the suspension...
  4. Gage_robertson_collector

    Need help figuring out brand for this empty clock case

    Hello, I recently acquired a large collection of clocks and one of them was this empty case. I would like to determine which brand it would have been originally so I can figure out which parts I would need to purchase for it to work. No markings on the case. Also, the bottom and back panel(s)...
  5. Gage_robertson_collector

    Looking for Seth Thomas mantle clock model names

    I am going to post a few of the models I have I am trying to find the model name for. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Gage_robertson_collector

    Need help restoring Seth Thomas Adamantine that was painted over

    Hello all, haven’t been active in a while, sorry about that, Today I picked up this Seth Thomas Adamantine mantle clock. It is complete, original movement, it has all of the case ornamentation, (I removed them upon arrival so they didn’t fall off) label and besides the red looks to be rather...
  7. Gage_robertson_collector

    What is the model of this Seth Thomas mantle clock?

    I just purchased this clock and have already disassembled and cleaned the movement. Still working out some issues with the strike though. Just curious if anyone knows what the model name is. Case is dated April of 1894. Has a 3 5/8 movement.
  8. Gage_robertson_collector

    My first Lovejoy and co. Postman clock - where to start?

    I was given this clock for free in a deal for two Seth Thomas Tambour clocks, and I wanted to ask where should I start with the restoration? It is missing the weights, and the pendulum is broken. Also, the chain for the time has fallen off. (Luckily I still have the chains for both time and...
  9. Gage_robertson_collector

    How to go about cleaning this Seth Thomas dial?

    Hello all, I have a 1899 Adamantine I am restoring and the dial is very corroded and dirty. I want to clean the outside door and possibly the inside metal on top of the paper part of the dial. I think someone at some point put gold paint over the metal that is above the dial, and the parts that...
  10. Gage_robertson_collector

    Is it ok to write repair dates on a clock case

    Hello all, I was just curious as to what everyone’s opinion is as to is it ok to write repair dates on a clock case, or, in other words, what is the best way to permanently document a repair date for a clock, so that people can know the date/ repairs-person years after the repair was done...
  11. Gage_robertson_collector

    What is the model of this Seth Thomas? - I need help with the movement

    I just bought this clock today from a couple who was not sure the value of it and simply wanted it to go to a good home. The women said it belonged to her grandparents but didn’t know much other than that. It only cost me 25 dollars. I am very excited about this clock and I think it is one of...
  12. Gage_robertson_collector

    Need help identifying the maker of this small mantle clock movement - possibly French?

    Hello, recently aquired a tambour clock with this movement. Seller said it was a Seth Thomas which seems to be the go to for sellers that have no idea what they are selling :D. I have looked over the movement and it is not a Seth Thomas but I can’t figure out who made it. Both the plates do not...
  13. Gage_robertson_collector

    Should I replace or repair this Telechron movement

    This is my first electric clock. I got it for about five dollars. I already refinished the case, and it cleaned up very nice and is in great condition. The movement seems to have had the electrical cord cut from it, and the coil seems to be in rather bad condition. I am asking whether it would...
  14. Gage_robertson_collector

    Why does the chime on this sears and roebuck movement keep stopping

    The springs are all wound, and the movement is complete but the clock stops chiming halfway through every time and it sounds like it is chiming in the wrong order. It will only chime on the hour, although I hear the mechanism click every fifteen minutes when I move the minute hand with my...
  15. Gage_robertson_collector

    Why does my wooden clock movement stop ticking even though it is in beat?

    I have had this clock on the wall for about a month now. I spent many hours figuring out all this issues with the strike side of the movement, after determining that there was a bent lever which runs along the locking wheel on that side, however, the clock is still having issues keeping time and...
  16. Gage_robertson_collector

    Antique Ingraham Reverie black mantle clock dial restoration

    Recently acquired this black mantle clock, the dial is black with brass hands and green (or at least appears to be) numerals. I wanted to know if there is a way to restore this dial, as a lot of the paint is flaking off off it and the numbers are not very legible. Or, am I better off leaving the...
  17. Gage_robertson_collector

    Very unique Gilbert mantle clock - need help finding the date

    Hello all, I recently acquired a large collection of antique Tambour clocks, and one of the clocks they were selling was this Gilbert. after seeing the unique face design on the top of the case, I could not pass it up. It is fairly rough though, someone went along and used rub and buff pretty...
  18. Gage_robertson_collector

    Seth Thomas Lever/marine wall clock? Help with the date?

    Just got this clock today for 20 dollars. The glass was loose in the bezel when I got it, so I used a bit of solder and a scrap piece of metal and got it tight down again, the movement, case, and dial all appear to be original and in very food condition. There is a labe on the back of the clock...
  19. Gage_robertson_collector

    1884 Seth Thomas wall/ hexagon/ school house clock?

    I just got this clock today for 25 dollars, it needed a pendulum and a little adjustment of the crutch and it is keeping decent time now. Case is in great shape, everything appears to be original except for the label on the inside which seems to be in too good condition to be original but...
  20. Gage_robertson_collector

    Need help with a strike problem on this 1840 Jonathan Frost movement

    I just took apart my first wooden movement and I had to do a gear repair where one of the gear teeth had broken off, and I needed to repair and carve a new piece for the locking mechanism on the strike side as well. My question is, what is this little loop on the side of one of the strike levers...

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