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    German clock ID help, please

    This is a German style, weight-driven wall clock that is a full 39" tall that was acquired locally. The widow of the last buyer didn't have any information as they had purchased it in a similar situation. The movement is unmarked, except for the numbers "190205". The movement is slightly...
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    Sources for a selection of Round needle files

    I have a drawer full of files and a very nice shape assortment pack. But to properly start the installation of bushings I need more than one round needle file. Timesavers seems to only offer needle files as varying shape sets. Are there sources for individual round needle files, or even an...
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    New Dial Drilling

    Received a new 13" dial from Timesavers for a new-to-me No2 Regulator project. It's a steel dial with silkscreened characters. Since it only came drilled for the hour hand, are there any tips or words of advice on protecting the painted surface during the addition of 8 more holes ? When I have...
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    Attleboro keyhole weight question

    I have an elderly Hatch-style Attenborough keyhole clock. It has an unmarked movement with recoil escapement. The time-only clock is not totally original. I'm wondering if the 6lb 3oz weight is an excessive weight for this movement.
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    Painted/ gilded clock glass source

    FedEx seems to have broken an 8x11 glass out of a bottom door. Shame really because it was original 2 color with gold. Need to get a quick quote on a replacement. Who can I contact ? (Moderators... feel free to move this to the Reverse Glass forum)
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    Dead-beat Escapements - I need to know more

    My "collecting" has quickly started to focus on American, time-only, weight driven clocks. Having grown up in a home full of "don't sit in that chair !" type antiques, owning a clock that can't keep time is anathema. I'm doing my own servicing... everything just short of bushing installation...
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    Wallowed Wood Screw Holes

    This must be a common issue, but I'm not sure if it's Cabinet or Clock repair. I'm seeing many older clocks (especially those with mahogany cases) where the soft cabinet wood has wallowed out due to repeated cock face removal. My current method is to add 1/2 drop of common wood glue (e.g...
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    Korean tambour beats too fast

    Sister-in-law dropped off a Dai Jin mantle clock that hasn't run in several years. It was no trouble to wash and lube the movement, and it started running with a steady beat right off. The problem seems to be the beat rate is right up at 10,000 BPH. The adjuster nut has been inverted to lower...
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    20th c German Gustav Becker from Ebay

    Earlier in the month I located a Gustav Becker on Ebay that, due to dreadful looking condition, wasn't getting any bids. The fact the item didn't show well was probably the cause. This clock is a weight-driven time and strike regulator. After lots of messages back and forth and a few additional...
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    Identify German Clock, Please

    Purchased this German clock in the 1970's for my parents, and now it lives with me. I've always though is was a Mauthe, but recently while servicing the movement, half a name was found and some numbers. Stamped into the rear movement plate is "xxUNGSCHLAG" where the first letter(s) are missing...
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    Membership Questions

    ► Issue #1 I tried to join online via this web site using the appropriate forms on the site. Unfortunately, I had already been a registered user of the site for 2 weeks, and my application was rejected several times because the system recognized my email address. It voided my application because...
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    Gustav Becker / Junghans P64 missing chime train spring

    I have a GB (that's on the face) weight driven clock, and the movement is marked Junghans P64. Anyway, on the left side is a lever that operates the strike lever, and that lever is missing a flat spring. I need to know what that flat spring looks like and how it interacts with the steel...
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    Seth Thomas No2 Regulator Issues

    My new-to-me ST2 has started loosing about 2 minutes per day, despite 3 or 4 adjustments to the thumb nut over the last 10 days. It has a #61 movement. I think some disassembly and inspection may be needed. I like to do prior research on clocks before starting work, but in the case of the No2...
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    Setting beat on Floating Balance

    I am nearing the end of repairs on my first big project.... a Hermle 208-005 (made 1968) with a floating balance escapement. The clock keeps great time, but it suddenly struck me the beat sounds way off. (It seems to make more than a simple tick-tock and drives the beat clocks crazy.) But...
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    American After 1900 First time owner questions ST #2 Regulator

    Very excited to acquire my first #2 ST Regulator in excellent shape today at a small town clock shop. Only 2 hours into ownership and I already have some basic questions... The shop owner was convinced this is a clock from the 1920's based on the shape of the woodwork on the lower end, and...
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    Sessions Regulator pendulum bob cover questions

    Nice Sessions time-only Regulator which has never (to my knowledge) been out of service. I have questions about cleaning the medallion covering the pendulum bob weight. It seems to be a piece of thin stamped brass sheet (?) with some kind of stain over a major part of the center. The...
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    Introduction & grandfather's Sessions Regulator

    Greetings - I've been "clock crazy" since I was a kid, inspired by my grandfather who loved Packard automobiles, stamp collecting, and clocks... and not especially in that order. I just picked up a Seth Thomas - Talley this weekend and I'm waiting on a delivery of tools and oil to get started on...

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