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  1. TheEmperorCodsaculus

    Seeking a pendulum

    Howdy, I picked up a Howard Miller Regulator the other day. I need a pendulum for it. It has (I asuume) a Hermle 151-070 movent that suggests a 43cm pendulum. From what I've read, that length is from the top of the movement? Well. When I measure from the top of the movement while it's in the...
  2. TheEmperorCodsaculus

    E. Ingraham & Co. Kitchen clock

    Howdy , I've never had an interest in these type clocks. Mainly because of the size and "guadiness" (for lack of another word) of 'em. So when I saw this one on an auction site, I liked that it didn't have the gingerbread "wings". I've seen past posts about dates and different names the company...
  3. TheEmperorCodsaculus

    If luck was dynamite.....

    ..........I couldn't blow my nose. Good morning and Merry Christmas. I hope y'all are in the spirit of giving, coz, I need a gift. While letting down the time spring of a Diehl "maritime" clock, It got away from me, breaking the click stop. Yes. I am painfully aware that my impatient **s...
  4. TheEmperorCodsaculus

    Elliott clock

    I have an Elliott mantel clock that I aqquired a few months back that I want to give a look at. Problem is getting the movement out. It would appear that it is bolted to the dial. When i remove the the screws on the dial, the movement is attached via brass studs. I could not get a photo because...
  5. TheEmperorCodsaculus

    Schatz ships bell diagram.

    I recently acquired a Schatz ships bell clock ....Not the Royal Mariner. It runs and keeps time well. However, there is a problem with it's striking. I have read and re-read a post dating from June 26,2020 "Schatz Ships Clock Bell Issue". It is very informative.... If your're familiar with the...
  6. TheEmperorCodsaculus

    Richard Ward

    I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge of Richard Ward clocks.
  7. TheEmperorCodsaculus


    Hi y'all. New to horology. Picked up a Sessions No 975 from Goodwill. My question is what size key do I need. I realize it needs to be a double end key. Also. I have this Seth Thomas Woodbury Mantel. I have the pendulum bob(?), but am lacking the leader(?) parts. Any help would be most...

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