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  1. Chris.K

    New Haven and Sessions collaboration ?

    I have a New Haven mission style time only clock with alarm currently for sale, which I have had for years that has a Sessions movement in it. There are no "extra" screw holes for mounting and winding arbor aligns perfect as well as the alarm wire that goes down to the alarm ,at the base of the...
  2. Chris.K

    E.N. Welch model name ?

    I bought this "unbranded" clock and discovered that it is a Welch and I looked on Antique clock guide and could not find anything close to it and also looked at Session models and came up with zero. Anybody know a model name ? To me it looks like a 1920's clock so I don't know if its Welch then...
  3. Chris.K

    German "shield" clock.

    Here is another addition in the form of a German "shield" clock weight driven and a bim-bam rod strike. Judging by the construction it's a fairly new clock of around 60 years old give or take 10 years. The strike tone is medium to a rich deeper strike that blends well with my rod strike GB and...
  4. Chris.K

    Seth Thomas U.S. Navy Mark-1 Deck clock info.

    I dumbed into a good deal on a ST Navy deck clock model 5186 and date stamped 10-43 and has the second bit and Bakelite case. I am looking for a 6in dial and hands also my question is how is the dial mounted/secured ? I have looked it all over and can't seem to come up with a feasible idea. Also...
  5. Chris.K

    My first double dial.

    Yesterday I received my first double dial safe and sound. I know it's a fairly common clock but it has earned a spot next to my Estell once I get it cleaned up.
  6. Chris.K

    B Thornton London watchmaker 1700's ?

    Does anyone have info on a B Thornton London watchmaker possibly mid to late 1700's.
  7. Chris.K

    Cost of replicating the upper dial surround pallet for a "cottage clock" ?

    I have a fairly uncommon "cottage clock" that I would like to inquire as to the cost of replicating the dial surround pallet. Below are pics of the clocks, the one with the clear glass is mine and the painted upper on is what the original glass should look like. Thank you in advance for any and...
  8. Chris.K

    Estell's Programme Clock

    I am the new owner of what I think is a complete Estell Programme Clock that was on E-Bay fairly cheap. I'm wondering about the scarcity of these interesting time pieces. Any and all info is welcome as I know nothing about these clocks. Once I physically have the clock I will post more picks...
  9. Chris.K

    My wife drank the "clocking" Kool-Aid.

    My wife was on vacation and bought a clock "for me" that she said she really likes for the second time this year. I know the clock is not old and made in Korea but it is mechanical and it does keep extremely good time. I have a 1913 Junhans bracket clock that is set to under a minute deviation...
  10. Chris.K

    My latest addition.

    My latest addition is finally done after some TLC. It's a 1913 Junghans "bracket" clock. The face was all scratched and the case scuffed up but fixed those issues. After a day and a half I have it dialed in pretty well but need a few more days to tweak it in better and the chime and strike tones...
  11. Chris.K

    Re-silvering a 1913 Junghans bracket clock face.

    I recently acquired a 1913 Junghans bracket clock and want to re-silver the face and chapter ring along with the other dials. My question is there a difference between silver nitrate and silver chloride powers to resurface it. I would assume the prep of the dial surface would be the same and...
  12. Chris.K

    Pin lever Heli-coil spring question..

    While straightening the heli-coil spring for the balance wheel it snapped where it joins up to the collet. Can this be soldered back on and if so do I need to put a drop of solder and the other side to balance it ? Thank you. Chris..
  13. Chris.K

    Help with a Swiss key wind pocket watch..

    Over a year ago I purchased this watch as I liked the case and perfect size to carry every day but as you can tell it has a broken mainspring. Can anyone tell me more about who made it, age. and maybe a ballpark estimate on spring replacement as I wish to carry this watch again. Also if this...
  14. Chris.K

    My latest build.

    I had an unknown caes laying around and had a strong running Waterbury works so I put together lis cute mantle clock with other odds and ends. It's the taller one on the right. Hope you enjoy. Chris.
  15. Chris.K

    Replacement barometer for an Ingraham Gila.

    Does anyone have an idea as to where I can get a replacement barometer for my Ingraham Gila model ? While I had the works out and the door off (thankfuly) my cat knocked over the case and broke the barometer but alteast I didn't have the little bubble level on it also.. Chris..
  16. Chris.K

    Need help to identify a "new" clock case...

    I just received a clock case I ordered from Ebay and I'm having a bugger of a time identifying the maker. There is no markings except on the back 6188 in pencil. Thank you for any help in this as I want to put a set of Waterbury works in it.. Chris..
  17. Chris.K

    PH&S Cottage clock...

    I received my PH&S cottage clock yesterday and it was a complete mess. Case falling apart and the glass was taped in but worst of all it looked like someone spraypainted it. So I had to do what I swore I never would do. I said a prayer to the Clock Gods for forgiveness and started sanding. I'm...
  18. Chris.K

    My newest addition..

    Here is a 'raw' pic of my newest clock.. I think it is an early HAU but havent pulled the works to see. It will need a lot of case work like scrubbing then regluing then on to the works.. May have paid too much at $120 but I wanted it.. Hope you all enjoy... Chris..
  19. Chris.K

    Question about a Waterbury mantle clock.

    I have a fairly uncommon Waterbury that was my Great-Grandmother's and finally have enough experience to feel comfortable to service it.. Now, my question is did Waterbury guild the works of higher end clocks as this one is not the usual oxidized brass ? I do believe this is the mantle version...
  20. Chris.K

    Just a cute little surprise..

    When i bought this mini scroll clock I knew the case wasn't to old but the works are Ansonia c-1890's and it had a solid tin face.. After removal of the works to service them I was surprised that it had an open escapement hidden behind the solid face.. A new face and inner mounting board it's a...

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