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    Johnston & Melhorn 8 day

    I have been watching this forum for news of the Johnston & Melhorn 8 day shelf clock that sold at auction in Indiana one month ago. Would a member of the congregation have any news of the clock ? I ask because I own one example now and wish to compare the two clocks. Thank you........
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    International Time Recorder spring wanted

    I need one of those heavy springs from a time recorder for an antique auto repair project. I cannot find a source for .032 + - flat spring. Even several feet of one would serve me well. Thank you........Jack Hentges
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    Clock Hand Maker

    Can someone here , with prior experiance, recommend a hand maker. It is a Forestville "club" minute hand. the clock has the hour hand for a sample. I have done this for my collection, but this is an individual in search of someone to hire. No...............not me........... ! Thanks for any...
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    Noah Pomeroy 8day balance wheel mvmt

    I recently bought a Pomeroy movement, eight day, balance wheel escapement. I seek someone with one or intimate knowledge. As I received this , it had a 3/4" wide mainspring. Quite old and quite set. I put another spring in , a 3/4" wide. It's trying to 'ball up' as there is space for a one inch...
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    Wood Plate Movement

    Greetings, Would the group be able to shed light on this ebay item? #130199931237 Looks like an american wood works movement, but it has a brass count wheel and between the plates escape wheel. Brass wheels and ROLLER pinions. I enjoy that market for the variety and education, but this movement...

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