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  1. Benjamin Cooper

    Seeking info on Seth Thomas Miniature Steeple Clock

    Hello everyone!! Yesterday I found this nice Seth Thomas Miniature Steeple Clock at a flea marker. I brought if from a guy who use to repair clocks. He also had other types of clocks that he was selling. I was wondering if someone could tell me more info about this clock? At this point, I do...
  2. Benjamin Cooper

    Question about antique clock springs?

    Hello to all Members, I have a question or two about antique clock springs and how long an antique clock is suppose to run. I hope I can explain things clearly! :) I received a clock from a relative at the beginning of July. From research that I have done on it, it appears to be a New Haven...
  3. Benjamin Cooper

    New Haven Clock movement question

    Hello to all Members, About a week and a half ago I posted a picture of a clock that I recently got from a relative. A few days ago my Dad and myself took the movement out of the case, and to my surprise the movement appears to not have any maker’s name stamped on it?? I have been doing some...
  4. Benjamin Cooper

    Somewhat interesting looking Pendulum

    Hello to all! Two days ago I posted a photo in Your Newest Clock Acquisition section of this forum of a clock that I just received from a relative. Today I would like to post a picture of the pendulum that came with the clock. I was wondering if someone could tell me more about this type of...
  5. Benjamin Cooper

    Clockmaker indentifacation help please

    Hello to all members! I think this is the third time that I have posted on this forum, and everyone was very helpful! Today I received this clock from a relative. It belonged to my great-great grandmother. I was wondering if any members here might have an idea as to who the maker of this clock...
  6. Benjamin Cooper

    American PW Looking for pocket watch repair person

    Hello! I was wondering if any NAWCC members could recommend a good pocket watch repair person in Bucks County Pennsylvania? I know they are getting few and far between. I have a few pocket watches that I would like to get serviced at some point. But I need to find someone first. Thank you for...
  7. Benjamin Cooper

    Barigo Ships Bell Clock info?

    Hello all!!! This is only the second time that I have posted on the NAWCC fourms since I joined the NAWCC back in February. And my first post was actually about a pocket watch that belongs to my cousin. He ask me to help him find info about his antique pocket watch. I got a lot of helpful info...
  8. Benjamin Cooper

    Union Watch Company Pocket Watch

    Hello Everyone! My name is Ben Cooper. and this is my first post on the Message Board! I just joined the NAWCC in February, so I am still learning my way around. Today I am posting to ask if anyone here has heard of The Union Watch Company of New York? My cousin has a pocket watch that he would...

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