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    what do you think about it, the case and the movement belong to each other?

    Last week i bought an english silver pocket watch, and today arrived to me. Several questions arose in my mind. I expected it would to be verge fusee, but to my surprise it has an english lever! I'm not an expert in the english pocket watches, but how common is the english lever in such a...
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    Would this be a "broad arrow" mark on this pocket watch movement?

    I have some interesting English movements, I would like to present one of them now. It seems interesting to me because I have not seen this "broad arrow" marking on the bridge on early pocket watches. Provided, that this marking was really that! Does anyone know, when this marking was used on...
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    Information need to this french pocket watch

    Earlier i show two repeaters in the complicated pocket watches section, this low serial numbered silver watch arrived to me with the repeaters together. If i read the inscription good: Repassé par Robin, and the serial number is 5! I welcome any new information from this watch.
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    Early 19th c repeater

    With this musical repeater watch together i bought one other repeater also. This is one "self striking" pocket watches in a silver case. This watch is also unmarked. With this watch I was a little bit luckier, it is in running condition. This watch strike in every hour automatic, and strike...
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    Information needed from this musical repeater pocket watch

    Dear forum readers and pocket watch experts! My collection has some new pocket watches, now I present one of the most special pieces. This is one musical quarter repeater watch, maybe from the early XIX century? Unfortunately has some faults, and I don't know if I can find a suitable...
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    Information need from H A Favre watchmaker

    Dear forum readers! Recently i bought a pocket watch, the dial signed H. A. Favre. This watch has pivoted detent chronometer escapement. I searched information on internet, but I found very little. And it's a little frustrating me;-) Just two pocket watches, one with similar chronometer...
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    I need a little help to identify this pocket watch movement manufacturer

    Dear forum members! I need a little help to identify this pocket watch movement manufacturer. It reminds me for some reason of a Longines caliber (but rather only the bridge over the mainspring). This movement diameter is ca. 40 mm, and 4 mm thin. But I can't find it anywhere the same.
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    J. Calame Robert repeater

    A piece of my collection one pocket watch in gunmetal case. The dial and inner cover has marked J. Calame Robert. This watch is a minute repeater with 3 hammers (carillon), and the movement is signed LeCoultre et Cie. Does anyone know which LeCoultre caliber it would be? And possibly the...
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    Need help identifying this Longines pocket watch movement

    Hi everybody! Please help me identifying this Longines caliber. Unfortunately has no caliber number on the movement. It is similar to cal. 15.25 or 18.25 ABC or 21.25, but not full identical. Diameter is ca: 39.9 mm. Perhaps included in Patrick Linder's book?
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    unsigned minute repeater

    Previusly week i bought an unsigned repeater pocket watch in gunmetal case. After I taking off the dial, I was very surprised, it turned out to be a minute repeater pocket watch! Not the highest quality, the hammers are not jewelled. Does anyone know maybe who the manufacturer is?
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    Early Vacheron Constantin chronograph

    The latest piece in my collection, an early Vacheron Constantin chronograph, serial number: 160388. In my opinion the year of manufacture maybe 1876 or 1877. Somewhere I read, that Vacheron at this time started making a chronographs. My question: How rare is this pocket watch? I have found just...
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    pocket watch movements with two maltese cross "nest"

    Dear forum readers! I have one movement, on which it is visible two maltese cross "nest". I have few years earlier presented this movement here in the forum. My movement shows, that this is the result of a previous repair. (a broken screw, and a lack of gilding in the newly created "nest")...
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    Little help to my early Longines pocket watch

    Dear Horological friends! A few weeks ago i bought one early Longines pocket watch, that produced to the english firma Baume. Unfortunatelly the balance staff is broken. I need a litle help. To the best of my knowledge it is a 19A caliber. My source is (at the bottom of the page is a similar...
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    Patek Philippe perpetual calendar under dial photo. Please help me!

    Dear forum readers! First time i wish everyone a happy new year! My watchmaker friend got a great job, maybe too great? He want to correct one Patek Philippe perpetual calender pocket watch. But this watch movement unfortunatly not complet, missing some part. Quite some time we searched...
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    Litherland Davies & Co, the "something" there is some function?

    Hi all forum readers! I bought one english pocket watch movement from manufacture Litherland Davies & Co. It has massey type 3 escapement, serial number is: 11710. (On the site 18kt Gold Consular Case Massey Lever Watch by Litherland, Davies & Company | Sale Number 2502, Lot Number 440 | Skinner...
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    I need some help from this verge fusee pocket watch

    Hi everyone! I need some help from this verge fusee pocket watch: this is a pair cased old pocket watch, with verge fusee movement. Movement marked as J Smith 100. The both case inner signed with "three hoofs". I not see this marks earlier, and i dont know is silver marks or silver plate maybe...
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    LeCoultre ebauche with unique balance

    Hi everyone! I would like to ask for some help again, i bought a pocket watch movement (seems to be a Lecoultre ebauche). This movement has unique balance, and i never saw it before. The two toothed wheel on balace arm is some kind of compensation maybe? Or who was the patent holder? Thanks!
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    my latest purchase: Arnold pocket watch

    Hi all forum readers! I bought an Arnold pocket watch, movement signed J R Arnold & C Frodsham. Serial no is 7226 (dial and movement side also). the site Dating pieces Charles Frodsham and Co Ltd. dated this movement 1850–1855. But on case visible L letter says me this cased 1886. Maybe later...
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    I need some information about Dickie & Sons early spindle watch movement

    Hi all forum reader! There is someone information about Dickie & Sons, Richmond early spindle watch movement? I was looking for the internet, but almost no hit. When manufactured this pocket watch around? It would indeed one movement with masonic symbols? Many thanks! Peter from Hungary
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    this is a pocket chronometer?

    Hi everyone! Recently i bought an english silver pocket watch, George Priest, Norwich, serial 3937. This watch has also chronometer balance, but if i see good, it does not a chronometer escapement? This escapement is completely unknown to me. I upload some photos, maybe someone met with a...

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