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  1. leeinv66

    German Beautiful freeswinger identification

    So, who are we saying actually made the clock? new2clocks says Bernhard Paschen GmbH started manufacturing their own clocks around 1908. However, given what Tatyana says about the L&K logo being found on both Kienzle and Mauthe movements, does this mean Bernhard Paschen GmbH assembled clocks...
  2. leeinv66

    Sessions Escapement Bushing Question--Enough Material?

    I would use or make a bushing with a thinner wall (less OD). When installing any bushing I always aim to remove as little material as possible. A 3mm bushing in this instance seems excessive to me.
  3. leeinv66

    German Beautiful freeswinger identification

    According to the Mikrolisk site, L&K in a comet is the trademark of the German manufacturer Lauer & Kuhn.
  4. leeinv66

    Ridgeway Tempus Fugit Grandfather Clock (Gravely Furniture Co.)

    Read post #268 in This Thread . While dunk & swish cleaning is not recommended, sometimes it can cause less damage than an inexperienced repairer. Especially when dealing with three train movement such as this. I am not recommending this method, but it may be of use to those looking for an...
  5. leeinv66

    Gustav Becker, fallen off wall

    That is the trade mark of Adolph Stern, not a Jewish Star (Star of David). He was a case maker who supplied cases to various clock makers. I think I read some where that he also brought movements from some of those same makers to finish a few clocks himself. As Becker did not sell loose...
  6. leeinv66

    Help identify brass wall clock??

    Ansonia would be my guess.
  7. leeinv66

    Double weighted Vienna and beat problems

    If you have to tilt the case to get the clock in beat, the amount of adjustment you need will be more than you can get by just using the knurled adjuster. The knurled adjuster is for fine adjustment of the beat. You need to move the crutch on the anchor arbor to get it close to being in beat...
  8. leeinv66

    The "Facebook Group NAWCC Friends and Members" is causing the association's reputation to be tarnished.

    Yes Dick, the groups I belong to are set as private. The only reason for selecting the public option when setting up a FB pages is so the owner does not have to vet those who join. That's why I see it as a lazy option. But, that is something that needs to be taken up with the owner of the page.
  9. leeinv66

    The "Facebook Group NAWCC Friends and Members" is causing the association's reputation to be tarnished.

    I belong to several FB groups. Their subjects of interest are varied and include caravaning, camping and bush walking , motorcycles and car restoration and clock repair and collecting. I had to submit a request to join all of them and then wait to be approved by the moderators of those pages. If...
  10. leeinv66

    Metcalfe Longcase - Winter Project

    It has been my understanding that conversion of 30 hour clocks into 8 day clocks was quite common at one time. And, that it actually saved a lot of longcase clocks from being scraped. While the experts are posting here, can you guys confirm or deny that proposition? Nice clock by the way!
  11. leeinv66

    Aneroid Barometer Question

    It's been a while since I worked on one of these, but I thought it was the spring tention that held that pin in place. Can you not depress the spring and pull the pin out?
  12. leeinv66

    This clock is for sale

    The new rule was released HERE on the 1st on the month. For purposes of full disclosure, I will moderate these discussions as per the new rule, but peronally have decided not to take part in them.
  13. leeinv66

    Rule Change

    No Tom, those are your definitions. A quick Google search will tell you that: But we are going off topic.
  14. leeinv66

    Rule Change

    These forums are essentially a collection of conversations. I still prefer our previous title of 'Message Board' as to me, it best describes what we are. I find Forums to be nondescript, but I was in the minority when that decision was made. We have never had strictly organized content other...
  15. leeinv66

    Rule Change

    John, not all members read all the forums. If this change was only discuss in the forums help and notices forum, those that do not read that forum would not see the discussion and may never become aware of the change.
  16. leeinv66


    Hello Chris, you have a Black Forest Shield (or Lackschilduhr ) wall clock that has been repurposed into Grandfather or longcase clock. This thread has a lot of useful information in it. Click Here. This repurposing was popular amongst German immigrants into the United States at one time, so...
  17. leeinv66

    Weight minimum

    It depends on the clock. An 8 day cuckoo isn't a precision movement, so you wouldn't expecting it to run on much less than the factory weight. But a quality movement, say a Vienna regulator for instance, I've had them running on a single drop at a few ounces with out the motion works fitted...
  18. leeinv66

    Weight minimum

    The reason being to ensure the clock runs consistently. That said, most weight driven clocks will run on these than the factory specs.
  19. leeinv66

    20th c Seth Thomas Octagon Short Drop Regulator question

    8 1/4 would be the pendulum length in inches. I don't see anything to suggest the movement isn't original to the case.
  20. leeinv66

    With apologies, escalating inquiry about Fake Brass (and also plastic "glass"): Deception? Fraud?

    Don't let them scare you off jrog100. Collect what you want and like what you want. Some members have very short memories when it comes to the clocks they posted about when they first came to these forums. Yes, your Howard Mill could last generations as long as you are prepare to either...

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