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    Western Union Self Winding Clock Second/Sweep hand wanted

    I was given a non-working broadcast SWCC clock by a friend. It was a mess inside. Looked like someone had tried to convert it to an A/C driven electric clock. Other than that, all the parts were there. Ken (Ken's Clock Clinic) did a complete and awesome restoration. Because we were moving...
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    Wm Gilbert Dove - Chimes gone wild

    With help from forum members, I managed to get a Wm Gilbert Dove I inherited working again without too much effort - until I rewound it. That's when the chimes went wild. First, they started chiming a warp speed. After a few days, most have dropped to normal speed but I'm still hearing some...
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    Wm. L. Gilbert Dove Face repair/replace

    Newbie questions... I was recently given my deceased brother-in-law's Wm. L. Gilbert Dove clock. Photos attached. It needs to be cleaned up and the face replaced. Any source for parts? Also attached is a picture of the back label. Per another website I checked, this was the style label the...
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    SWCC Model Help

    I'm a complete newvbie. New to SWCC clocks, this site and tinkering with old clocks. Looking for a model number and possible age. I was given this clock (images attached) by a friend. Probably picked up at a Ham (Amateur Radio) Fest. Face diameter is 16". Base diameter is around 19"...

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