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    Im trying to identify a time period for this clock. I can only find 2 or 3 listed anywhere online. Can someone help me?

    I've got one - and 5 cases - we used the cases for 40 years as parts trays - not knowing the cases were clocks - I think the clock is 40's early 1950s - and I think the clock might be a "PAM" type and the case made to fit it.
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    Self Winding Clock Company hourly time synchronization with internet clock for $30

    This a really good article on NTP time on the New Yorker
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    Warren Telechron Co. Master Clock Type B Electric 110v Oak Case Serial 513

    Interesting 110V 50HZ Warren Master Clock that was sold in the UK - Serial #513 - I have one of date unknown with Serial #401. 110V/50HZ seems somewhat weird in the UK - there are comments by the seller that maybe this came over during WW2? Link to listing
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    Neon Lighted Tower Clock

    From our archives (maybe 1940's/1950's) - a 10' diameter tower clock for Dawson Ale and Beer - located on South Huntington Avenue - Boston, Massachusetts USA - Neon-lighted clock hands and dial markings. I believe our #4 Tower Clock Movement.
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    Using a UPS on a Synchronous Motor

    this is the problem henry warren had when he hooked up synchronous clocks to the Boston power grid. I would think more likely than not your inverter depends on an RC circuit for frequency stability - which are poor for stability but fine for most applications.
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    Purpose of rings on street clocks

    It's just a page from tran duy ly seth thomas catalog reprint - there is this clock in salt lake city
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    Purpose of rings on street clocks

    I always assumed they were strictly ornamental - but I found this catalog sheet from a reproduction of a Seth Thomas Street Clock Catalog - and there are banners attached.
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    1930's Neon tower Clock

    The movement might have been reused at another location - I don't think the sign was ever recreated.
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    1930's Neon tower Clock

    I have an article written by an engineer on the commissioning of the Colgate clock - I will have to find it. I believe it started running backward when first put on test. The Clock was 16' in diameter and blown down in the hurricane of 1938.
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    1930's Neon tower Clock

    An interesting tower clock manufactured by Electric Time Company, Inc. I believe in the 1930s located in Arlington, Massachusetts.
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    What to know when shopping for a street clock?

    One option is that we have provided the case for clients who have obtained mechanical movements - these are the designs of our post clocks the howard and seth thomas are either made from original patterns or molds off an original clock.
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    Using a UPS on a Synchronous Motor

    Pretty good article on UPS - I think you would want either a line interactive or an offline UPS - finding out the frequency stability when on battery of any of these might be hard, however. We do make a "Stop" tower clock controller that would reset any AC motor after a power failure - it does...
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    Standard Observatory Clock

    Interesting photos posted on the NAWCC facebook site (not my clock) but I've never heard of this manufacturer.
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    Mechanical switching vs transistor switching

    If you use alkaline, both batteries are the same voltage 1.5 VDC and the current capacity is 1.8 or 8.0 AH respectively - I found smaller AH lithium-ion batteries do NOT have enough peak surge current to run some stronger loads.
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    Research Paper on line frequency and timekeeping

    Research paper on Time and Frequency from electrical power lines from the NIST ABSTRACT Due to the efforts of Henry Warren, inventor of the Telechron electric clock, electric power companies have been a source of time and frequency reference for the public for over a hundred years. However...
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    electric tower clock movement ID

    I've seen lots of tower clocks - but I've never seen anything like this, I'm wondering if it is a re-imangined mechanical tower clock retrofitted with electric motors?
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    Gents Master Clock - used to run a synthesizer.

    interesting - this person used a a Gent Master Clock to gate a synthesizer.
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    Origin and age of my tower clock dial, hands and motion works?

    older motion works with a counterweight on the hour hand sleeve - not so sure about the dial.
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    Power frequency monitor clock

    It's got a telechron rotor - I wonder if this clock was made by D.R. Clack?

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