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    Post WW2 JW Benson (Smiths) 1948/49

    I have never saw that particular movement in a watch by J.W. Benson before. I have always enjoyed Benson watches - thanks for posting!
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    You've got a very fine example of either a Swiss or French key wind timepiece that is likely housed in a gold case. The enameling on the back and front, as well as the rough cut diamonds make it rather collectable. Without seeing the movement and hallmarks, though, it's rather difficult to give...
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    History Chronomètre Zenith

    It's difficult to tell what size your Zenith is, but I believe it to be around what would be 12-size by American standards. The serial number (2515067), which is on the right side of the movement near the crown and ratchet wheels, places it to around 1921. Zenith watches are difficult to date...
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    Favorite Elgins

    I know that it's perhaps a faux pas to resurrect a 5-year-old post, but where did you manage to find a storage case like that? I now have the fortunate problem of having too many watches and no proper method to store them!
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    Photo of Original Watch Owners

    That's really quite amazing. What a collection!
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    Photo of Original Watch Owners

    I can't seem to find one, but is there a forum on here for posts where individuals show photos of the original owners of their watches?

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