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    1905 Bawo and Dotter tube-chimer - maintenance questions

    Hi all I just acquired my first tube-chimer - a B&D with 9 tubes and a Bauerle movement. I have limited clock experience. I noticed a few things and would welcome some pointers: 1. There is a busted thread on the chime weight cable (pic attached). Is this of urgent concern? 2. The hammers do...
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    Progressive Era 9-tube - Bawo and Dotter?

    This 8 ft 2 in Gothic behemoth is my latest acquisition. It's my first tube-chimer and I am very excited! This 9-tube sounds Westminster on 4 tubes or Whittington on 8 tubes, selected by a lever on the front. There are two additional levers on the front for "chime/silent" and "strike/silent"...
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    Pearl Commemorative Grandfather with Astronomical Dial - manual needed

    Hello I picked up this pretty from Craigslist today. It has a rather splendid astronomical complication, but there is one problem - while it came with a general owners manual for pearl grandfather clocks, the specific instructions for setting up the astronomical dial are missing. A rummage...
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    Cleaning finger residue from brass?

    Oops! Accidently handled some weight casings from a rather nice Pearl grandfather clock without gloves. What is the best way to clean off the finger grease residue? Many thanks! - Ramsey
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    Separating the plates on a Waterbury miniature

    Hello I hope folks are not getting tired of my newbie posts, but since everyone is being patient and friendly I am going to keep asking! Trying to separate the plates on this Waterbury miniature carriage clock, but have just realized that I lack the secret to disassembling the minute arbor...
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    Escapement - safe to put in the ultrasonic cleaner?

    Hello I am about to disassemble and clean this Waterbury miniature carriage clock - is it safe to put the escapement components into the ultrasonic bath? Also any advice regarding how and whether to separate the balance spring from the back plate prior to cleaning would be gratefully received...
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    Removing hands on Waterbury miniature carriage clock

    Hello A friend asked me ( a newbie) to look at his miniature Waterbury carriage clock (which is in pretty poor shape). I am a bit confused out of the gate - how to I remove the hands? I am reluctant to use force until I have had some advice from folks who know what they are talking about! Many...
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    Bezel diameters

    Hello all Newbie question here - I am in the process of fixing up my first busted clock - a strike-only tambour with a Newhaven movement. The bezel is busted off its hinge and is missing. Thought I could just buy a replacement from timesavers, but then it occurred to me that I do not know how...
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    Webster vs Ollie Baker Mainspring Winder

    Hello I am a newbie in clock maintenance and repair and could use some advice on mainspring winders. I have a loop end mainspring winder which I am currently using with some trepidation - and it looks to me like it won't always do the job for all spring designs. Everything I have read or...
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    Date wheel advancing too often

    Hello friends Newbie here! I have had an 18th century English Longcase clock for about a year now, and a few days ago the date wheel started advancing more than once a day. Not quite sure if it is doing it every day, but we seem to have gained 2 days since Sep 31. Any thoughts about where to...

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