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    Mastercrafters Clever Quartz Conversion

    What Movement does yours have? If it's the Sunbeam one there are replacement gears available.
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    jeco tuning fork hums but is stopped

    Very repairable movement, clean and lightly oil the pivots on the first 3 wheels (index wheel and first 2 gears). If it still acts up then replace the electrolytic capacitor, its a little metal can wrapped in a plastic label.
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    New Haven Spin Start Motor

    Put a very light coat of oil on it.
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    Motor for roll-o-clock

    Look for an intermatic appliance timer in working condition, it uses the same motor, even the ones made now.
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    Seth Thomas Electric Clock

    These are not that common, but I have seen one other like yours with a sticker saying "Electric #1". I have an ST "Buffet" Wall clock with the same movement in it. Mine needed some oil, the poles in the motor adjusted, and a new cord. I made a video on YouTube of it in Feb. 2016 when I first got...
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    GE Flip Clock Motor Replacement (Model 7-4315)

    Try oiling the one you have now. Usually these motors lock up from lack of lubrication.
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    jeco tuning fork hums but is stopped

    The Jeco could need a new capacitor, and possibly need a cleaning. I bought an NOS Seth Thomas Acro Tyne wall clock (Jeco tuning fork movement) in June 2016. It ran but not reliably until I put some oil on the jewels for the escapement wheel and the next two gears. I then adjusted it and it is...
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    American Torsion Band battery movement General Electric 1972

    I had a GE wall clock with this movement. It was broken when I bought it, and the movement was severely work. It also had a battery leak in it so the contacts were dirty. I planned on rebuilding it and using it, but unfortunately someone threw the movement out. I am looking for another and the...
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    Information Wanted on Early Seth Thomas Electric

    I just bought an old Seth Thomas wall clock with that movement in it. The cord is easily replaceable because the connectors where the wires go into are screw terminals. I replaced the cord right up to the coils in about 5 minutes before on mine. I need to clean mine up a bit, but it runs good...
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    A Source for Replacement Motor Pinions for Sunbeam Electric Movements

    Thanks for the info. I have found a source for these pinions online as well, but they are fairly expensive. I always use these movements when I build or restore electric clocks, and I always rebuild them before I use them. They are really great movements, but the pinions are the weak point on...
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    Fix for Sunbeam Electric Movements.(With Pictures)

    The rubber failed, but I have found a place to buy the gears for pretty cheap. I completely forgot to add this note.
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    Sunbeam Cordless Electric Wall Clock

    I figured that it gained 10 seconds in a 5 days so I adjusted it, then it was slow by a couple seconds, than I did it again and than one more time. After about 2 days I found the sweet spot and it has drifted about 1/4 of a second according to my cable box over about 1 week. I typically only...
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    Sunbeam Cordless Electric Wall Clock

    I adjusted it so now it has not gained or lost more than 1/2 a second for about a week. It seems to bee more accurate then most quartz clocks I see.
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    Sunbeam Cordless Electric Wall Clock

    I personally really like these things. I think that the self starting ones are a lower frequency so they might have a bit more torque than these ones, if you get what I mean. These are very reliable and pretty accurate so I use them. I put one of these movements in an older Verichron Quartz...
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    Sunbeam Cordless Electric Wall Clock

    It seemed to work this time. It didn't seem to upload them even though I told it to. You should get them now. The first wheel turns fairly quick, maybe a few hundred RPM. These use a magnetic escapement and are not self starting, but are started by pulling and releasing the time set knob.
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    Sunbeam Cordless Electric Wall Clock

    Okay. I uploaded the pictures from my computer. Let me try again.
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    Sunbeam Cordless Electric Wall Clock

    For some reason all but the first picture wont load for me, let me know if they work for you...
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    Sunbeam Cordless Electric Wall Clock

    I bought this a few days ago on Ebay, and it just arrived about an hour ago. It is a Sunbeam cordless electric clock with a Jeco tuning fork movement in it. This is the newest out of my Jeco movements because this one has more plastic gears than my other two have. It has a sticker on the inside...
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    Sessions/Mastercrafters Electric motor replacement?

    The Zoom Spout oil works well, but the Sunbeam movements have no oil wick at all, so the oil just kinda drips out after only a few months. My Sunbeam was fixed in November 2012 and was very noisy again in May 2013. The oil does work well in other clocks, though. In Sunbeams you need to used a...
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    Post your quartz clock matters here

    They are different motors that use a similar design to a Lavet motor but are more stable at a higher drive frequency and a higher speed. I have not found much on the though. They seem to hold up fairly well but they do get pretty noisy over time. The seem a bit more accurate than the Lavet type...

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