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    Bushing larger diameter - no Broach available

    What would be the plan for inserting a bushing for something such as a barrel pivot when there is no broach available for the size. The size of bush I need to install is 10mm OD, I'd have gone for something like 9.9mm perhaps a tad larger such as 9.95mm but these sizes seem to be no longer...
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    Tools - Lathe or other

    I think the time has come for me to venture into some new tooling - a lathe perhaps and I don't want to spend the ridiculous money companies like Bergeon ask as I am not a business just a hobbyist, I'm quite happy to go old school and learn how to use it. I want to explore the world of gear...
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    Decades maybe centuries of grime

    I made a start cleaning up a nice 18th century carved Oak longcase clock case - tried the usual recipe's but they really aren't working well. To me they seem far too tame and I'll be dead long before I get the whole case done, mild soap / vinegar barely touch it and it takes forever - it has...
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    Barrel / Click Badly Worn - Solution ?

    I have been servicing the clock that I obtained and am finding a fair few challenges. The click on the strike barrel is in very poor shape, there is play in the gear on which the click spring and click are located, the click teeth have worn pretty badly to one side. Firstly I don't know jack...
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    What is this Escapement

    I tore into the clock I obtained a week ago to start servicing which it is in dire need of and found an escapement I have never seen before. The clock was running and keeping pretty good time all week although the beat was really hard to figure out. The movement has no markings though I...
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    Thomas Russell - "Tempus Fugit" - Open Face

    I recently obtained a Thomas Russell that I know very little about. I know in their later years they imported Swiss movements but I don't believe this is particularly new. There are a number of inscribed services inside the case but they're really hard to make out even under the microscope -...
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    Metcalfe Longcase - Winter Project

    Just snagged this clock. Marriage snobbery aside it is a really nice looking piece, I am reckoning on the movement being circa 1750's and I believe the case may be earlier. I'm in the process of getting it moved. These pics aren't mine but I will put up some once I get it on the bench. The...
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    Restaking a wheel and arbor

    I have a watch on the bench and it is defying any attempt to fix. A wheel in the self wind mechanism of a Fossil watch has come apart, the wheel has left the arbor. I've restaked this - well I've tried - but once you go under test it just separates again. The wheel sits on the arbor / pivot...
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    Watch Open Seiko Parts

    Circuit for 7T42-6A00 - Seiko number 4000-712 - these fail around the push button contacts - particularly the one next to the battery. I would consider a complete movement - I've seen a couple on EBay US but the seller won't ship to UK. Main Plate for a 5M42-0E39 - Seiko number 0100-659 (one...
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    Gustav Becker ? - Mantle or Wall? - Fake ?

    I just acquired this for a price I couldn't refuse, looks mostly complete aside from the case etc, is this a real GB or a fake - looks like the logo is stuck on - but that to me says 1920's. There is no serial evident anywhere but I don't have it physically in my possession yet these are sellers...
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    Seiko 21 Jewel Auto from late 70's early 80's

    Are there any sources of Seiko catalogues from the period in the subject line. I purchased a Seiko 5 automatic in 79 or 80, it was 21 jewel, day date with the day in English or Arabic, crown at 3 o'clock, like the image below but the hands were not pointed like these - they were squared - what...
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    Gustav Becker - Materials - Color

    Anyone here retouched a Gustav Becker 'Vienna' pendulum ? Mine has numerous marks from careless handling and I'd like to retouch them, I'd like to do so with the same materials GB used - anyone know such details ?
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    Gustav Becker - Wall Clock - Advice

    I have my first wall clock - actually my first pendulum clock. It will not run. I need some advice how to do things when you can't see it on the bench - you sure can't see it in the clocks home. What is the best kind of stand for clocks of this type? You cannot get the clock in beat no matter...
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    Gustav Becker - Confirmations

    Just seeking some corroboration from the Gustav Becker experts. I picked up the wall clock today, got chance to retrieve the details Serial No : 1095673 - year 1893 ?? Marked with D.R.P. 63049 (pretty sure this is the strike mechanism patent) The stamped logo's seem to indicate 1875-1896 With...
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    Seiko 7T42

    Does anyone here have any experience replacing the circuit board on a Seiko 7T42-6A00 - in particular does anyone know of any variations in the history of this particular patch - movement 7T42B - I ordered a replacement circuit board and it arrived but was somewhat disappointed to find that it...
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    Transporting Large Antique Wall Clock

    Since I've never done this before anyone care to advise how to put this in the back of a car for a 240 mile journey. All loose items in the case will be in separate boxes with polystyrene noodles. I'm tempted to remove the door and also the crown (whatever it is called from the top - or I can...
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    New direction - 400 day clock ID confirmation

    First ever post here - hope it is OK that it is a question not an 'about me' .... I typically play in the watch arena but I'm venturing into clocks too - I acquired this from somebody local to me for a can't refuse price, it does run but I plan to service it before it runs in anger. I believe...

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