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    Tool to measure how powerful a movement is (torque)?

    Is there a tool clockmakers use to measure the torque of a movement? For example, say I wanted to add a complication to a movement could I measure how much torque that isolated complication requires? In the same line of thought, is there a tool that could measure how much torque a clock...
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    Can a balance wheel clock movement work in any orientation like a watch?

    Hi, I was wondering if balance wheel clock movements are optimized to be used in the vertical position? For example, could you use a standard clock movement for an annular style clock or is it not optimized for the movement to be oriented 90 degrees off from vertical? Potential issues I...
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    adding a complication to a time only clock?

    What are some considerations a novice should be aware of if they wanted to add a complication (for example day of week) to a clock with a balance wheel escapement (can't have a pendulum do to size restraints and don't want a quartz)? Could I attach a gear to the minute or hour hand arbor shaft...
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    proper method for transmitting hour hand shaft perpendicular to dial?

    Hello,ase. I have ZERO clock making experience so please tell me what I am thinking that is wrong or not the optimal way it would be done. I would like to use a standard clock movement in a case I am carving. The clocks design requires that the movement be placed in the clock base perpendicular...
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    golf score counter pocket watch repair question (Leonidas)

    Hello, I have a bit of an unusual pocket watch type piece. It is a mechanical golf score counter made for Hermes by Leonidas in 1941. I waited years for this to come up and finally got one for very cheap. This is my first repair attempt of a watch or something of this nature. I realize it would...

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