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  1. Chris.K

    New Haven and Sessions collaboration ?

    That is what I originally thought till I was contacted by 2 people, one had a labeled NH with Session works and the other had a NH labeled t/s shelf clock with Sessions works. I haven't found any info yet that suggests collaboration. I have seen some of the past threads but the question still...
  2. Chris.K

    New Haven and Sessions collaboration ?

    Normally I would agree 100% that you do not brand a clock by case style. I have gone through every Sessions catalog that I could fine and found nothing on this clock then found it in a New Haven catalog from 1914 I think, and had this clock in it along with dimensions identical to mine. Here are...
  3. Chris.K

    New Haven and Sessions collaboration ?

    I have a New Haven mission style time only clock with alarm currently for sale, which I have had for years that has a Sessions movement in it. There are no "extra" screw holes for mounting and winding arbor aligns perfect as well as the alarm wire that goes down to the alarm ,at the base of the...
  4. Chris.K

    E.N. Welch model name ?

    I bought this "unbranded" clock and discovered that it is a Welch and I looked on Antique clock guide and could not find anything close to it and also looked at Session models and came up with zero. Anybody know a model name ? To me it looks like a 1920's clock so I don't know if its Welch then...
  5. Chris.K

    Burnishing-is it a black art?

    I will make a short demo vid of what I was talking about.
  6. Chris.K

    Good Clock reference book

    You have come to the right place for knowledge. One thing I used to do was to pick a topic then look up discussions here and also watch a Utube video. I'm a visual learner and using the substantial knowledge here and seeing what and or how gears interact has really helped but note, don't get...
  7. Chris.K

    Burnishing-is it a black art?

    I use a thin piece of red oak and put the gear in my drill press on the slowest speed and rub the wood with the oak to polish and burnish it then just flip the gear over and do the other pivot. It does take time but seems to improve the freeness of motion of the gear.
  8. Chris.K

    Becker P42 Silesia Rescue Meets a Six Inch Phone Bell

    What's funny is I would do the same thing for fun. I use a spare brass bell all the time for testing movements. When I bought my GB 2 weight wall clock I was tired of gong strikes so I bent the hammer upwards, removed the gong on the movement "seat and put a single rod strike and got it adjusted...
  9. Chris.K

    My first double dial.

    You were right Pat, now I have two. Now I'm gonna thin out my collection so I can buy some more. Chris.
  10. Chris.K

    Chime 'Harmonics'

    Could you post some pics of the chime bar and hammer nest plz. There may be an adjustment as to where the hammer strikes the rods and produce a slight and I say slight difference
  11. Chris.K

    Post Your Gustav Becker Clocks Here

    Well it is kind of a bad pic but here is mine.
  12. Chris.K

    Seth Thomas Tambour Westminster Chime Out of Synchronization

    yes, it does seem to have other issues if it is striking random hours. Since I am unfamiliar with your ST as all my 3-train clocks are German I have little input on this. I wonder why the auto-correct is malfunctioning.?
  13. Chris.K

    Seth Thomas Tambour Westminster Chime Out of Synchronization

    My dads clock will do that from time to time. If it's a half hour out just remove the minute hand and put it a half hour out where the clock is striking.
  14. Chris.K

    What be this? Made in England under 6.

    Many stores list clocks "as is" so they are not responsible if someone buys it and can't get it running. Chris.
  15. Chris.K

    Trouble getting a grandfather clock started

    Look to see if the crutch has a linear adjustment. With the clock level move the pendulum left or right via the crutch adjustment. What is happening when you do this is you're truing up the alignment of the suspension, the crutch, and pendulum. Chris. Ps. I forgot about what Mike mentioned...
  16. Chris.K

    Unknown German? clock company trademark

    It is Swiss. Here is the link. cellpadding="10" style="width: 100%" |- | align="left" valign="top" width="190" | UV (on star) | align="left" valign="top" width="220" | | align="left" valign="top" width="190" | Usine de la Vièze, Manufactures de Pendules Suisse | align="left"...
  17. Chris.K

    Estell's Programme Clock

    Well it took long enough but I finally figured out how to log in as a member to access the bulletins. Looks like a have a boatload of reading to do.
  18. Chris.K

    German "shield" clock.

    The matching pendulum is on the way as the seller forgot to send it with the clock and should be here tomarrow.
  19. Chris.K

    German "shield" clock.

    Here is another addition in the form of a German "shield" clock weight driven and a bim-bam rod strike. Judging by the construction it's a fairly new clock of around 60 years old give or take 10 years. The strike tone is medium to a rich deeper strike that blends well with my rod strike GB and...
  20. Chris.K

    Seth Thomas U.S. Navy Mark-1 Deck clock info.

    I dumbed into a good deal on a ST Navy deck clock model 5186 and date stamped 10-43 and has the second bit and Bakelite case. I am looking for a 6in dial and hands also my question is how is the dial mounted/secured ? I have looked it all over and can't seem to come up with a feasible idea. Also...

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