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    Hamilton military watches w/cases and some questions

    First is the Model 22. It has both wooden boxes and is in great shape, minus the outer leather strap which has ripped in the small section in between buckle hole 4 and 5. The movement is still very accurate too. I didn't check it down to the second but from March until mid Nov, it was still on...
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    P.S. Bartlett models #'s and production questions.

    Over the years I've gathered several models of the PS Bartlett and wanted to try to get my hands on one of each. (probably wont find an 1861 but I can wish lol) Anyway, my curiosity got me wondering, what were each of the models of this grade that Waltham produced? You can search production by...
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    Adjusting a Goldthwait regulator (Hamilton 926)

    I feel silly asking this cause I'm sure I'm missing something super obvious, but can not figure out how to adjust this darn thing! I can back the screw off that is to the side (silver one in the pic, just to the right of the balance wheel) and can push the arm over but all it does is spring...
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    Elgin #4855, in a 17oz case

    I know there's a B.W. Raymond thread but I thought others may be interested in seeing the case too. Also, just to clear up the question about switching the case it was in, the case had other screw marks on it and was clearly not the original one to the movement. So here is how I purchased it...
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    Waltham private label, serviced by original jewelry store, 131 years after purchase

    So this specific watch is a Waltham Model 1883, No. 15 grade, 15j and was made sometime between March and July of 1889. I originally bought this watch mid 2019 and there was nothing particularly special about it other than being a private label. Several of the watches I have are Waltham 83's and...
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    Needing info on an Illinois Watch Case Co. desk/traveler case

    I picked this up about a year and a half ago, I believe, and I still haven't found much information about it. I'm hoping someone here knows a bit more. When was this made and what was it for specifically? Maybe an old ad is out there with more details? Also, what movement(s) should I be looking...
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    2 Waltham Special Rail Road King's

    Well I finally got a camera that wasn't just the one in my phone and, despite clearly needing to work on the lighting in the photos, wanted to post these ones. S/N 3815077 was made about 1888-89, 15j and is pendant set while S/N 4380585 was made about 1890-91, 15j and is lever set. I did change...
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    P.S. Bartlett Model 1865

    I've looked over the other threads on here about these and other older 10s watches but I still had a few more questions. I, eventually, would like to have one of each model of the P.S. Bartlett that was made, so I had grabbed the one in the pictures below off of ebay last week. Just a small chip...
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    Elgin B.W. Raymond S/N 30854

    Well, I picked this up a few weeks ago and the bulk of my watch knowledge is on Waltham's so I was hoping to get some more information on this watch. How original are the dial and hands to the movement? I'm pretty sure the case is original, I don't see other screw marks. The movement does still...
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    Stem AND key wind Waltham 57 but not Abbot's?

    Hi guys, nice to meet you all! I've been browsing on here for years but now finally going to start contributing and sharing/asking about info. My first question is about one of my Waltham 57's. It's a relatively early one and came key wind/key set originally but at some point was changed to stem...

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