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  1. Tim Orr

    Scans of BULLETIN, #227, Dec '83, p. 675– Waldorf Clock photos

    Good afternoon, all! I am looking for high quality scans of the photos in the article on the Waldorf Astoria clock that were published in the Watch & Clock Bulletin, #227, Dec. '83, p. 675 et ff. The photos available in the archive are very low quality and full of moire, so I'm hoping someone...
  2. Tim Orr

    LeCoultre Memovox stem part number needed

    Good afternoon, all! A member contacted me to ask about a LeCoultre Memovox K910. The two-piece stem is rusted beyond repair. He has a bunch of LeCoultre parts, but it would help if he knew the part number for the stem. Otherwise, he's going to have to go through all the stems he has and try...
  3. Tim Orr

    Member Bert Tolbert is a century old on Friday, January 15 !

    Celebrate A Century for Bert Tolbert! Boulder Horological Society, Chapter 160 founding member and NAWCC Golden Circle Award Winner Bert Tolbert turns 100 Friday, January 15th. Bert has lived a fascinating life and is the last surviving scientist from the Manhattan Project. He was the...
  4. Tim Orr

    Post your Zoom Chapter Meetings Here

    If you’re having a Zoom meeting, why not share it with others? Zoom can usually handle as many as 100 participants at once. It’s a great way to meet and share with other members – around the world! Post your meeting dates, times, and sign-in information here. If you’d like to have a Zoom...
  5. Tim Orr

    Zoom Meeting Speakers' Bureau

    Make Covid “lemonade” from Covid “lemons.” Members all over the world can meet by computer without having to be in the same room. Electronic meetings can keep your chapter together, and even link you with other chapters and members everywhere. Recent Seattle Area meetings have featured speakers...
  6. Tim Orr

    New Zoom Meeting Program Sources

    Good afternoon, all! Turning lemons into lemonade: A number of NAWCC Chapters are holding meetings online using the Zoom system (or others). This is a great way to keep chapter members "connected" and active during this time of Covid. After attending a Zoom meeting held by the Seattle Area...
  7. Tim Orr

    Waldorf Astoria Lobby Clock Mysteries

    Good afternoon, all! According to reports, yesterday, November 20, the restored Waldorf Astoria lobby clock was open for viewing: New-York Historical Society There's another story here (Courtesy of Greg Gould, Chapter 36, Kansas City): The Fantastic Clock In The Lobby Of New York City’s...
  8. Tim Orr

    Help "Download all post attachments"

    Good afternoon! There used to be, when there were multiple attachments to a post (a common occurrence with Board postings), a link that would allow me to download a "Zip" file with all the attachments together. Can't find it now. Did it go away? There is an old thread with the same subject...
  9. Tim Orr

    T. Eaton Co Limited wristwatch

    Good evening, all! I recently purchased an old men's wristwatch marked inside "T. Eaton Co Limited." (The Canadian department store) On the dial face, there is a small diamond with the letter "E" inside it. It has a glass crystal and 17 jewel movement. I suspect the case is silver. There is no...
  10. Tim Orr

    This Just In

    Good evening, all! I received this tonight from Dave Cooper, who tells me he got it from the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers (Yes, we know it's for the wrong change): Go ahead. Sleep in tomorrow! Best regards! Tim
  11. Tim Orr

    James W. Clark, Denver Clockmaker

    Good afternoon, all! Anyone know anything about James W. Clark, a clockmaker from Denver? Hoping for pictures soon. Best regards! Tim Orr
  12. Tim Orr

    Starrett Whatzit Collet?

    Good afternoon, all! So what is this for? Fits 8mm Boley lathe. Bore is 1/2". Stamped "Starrett." Poor man's 4-jaw chuck? Thanks! Best regards! Tim Orr
  13. Tim Orr

    Restoring SWCC Type F with Ken Reindel – MONDAY!

    Good afternoon, all! Hope you got to review the recording of Ken's presentation on restoring two synchronous motors from the last Chapter 21 meeting. This month, Ken Reindel tackles the Self Winding Clock Company Type F movement. Ken is recognized as an expert on these, so it should be a very...
  14. Tim Orr

    How to open Glycine Compressor?

    Good afternoon, all! Not sure how to open this Glycine Compressor. Is it a screw-on back, snap-on back? What's the symbol near the winding crown mean? No obvious pry points. Thanks in advance! Best regards! Tim Orr
  15. Tim Orr

    Restoring 2 Motors with Ken Reindel – Tonight!

    Good afternoon, all! At tonight's Chapter 21 meeting, starting at 9PM Eastern, 8PM Central, 7PM Mountain, 6PM Pacific, Ken Reindel of Ken's Clock Clinic will show and tell how to restore a couple of motors found in lots of clocks: "We will show you how to restore two motors (really, like new!)...
  16. Tim Orr

    Vortic's RT Custer Speaks Tuesday on ZOOM

    NAWCC Chapter 160, Boulder Horological Society invites you to "Zoom@Noon" with RT Custer and Vortic Watches Tuesday, Aug 11, 2020 11 AM Pacific, NOON Mountain, 1 PM Central, 2 PM Eastern Join using this link: Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting Meeting ID: 826 2638 5837 Passcode: vortic...
  17. Tim Orr

    Making a Replacement Seth Thomas Brocot by Mark Meadows

    Good afternoon, all! Here's another Mark Meadows slide show, this time for making a new Brocot for an older Seth Thomas: I will prepare a suitable PDF eventually. Best regards! Tim Orr
  18. Tim Orr

    How to Repivot an Arbor: By Mark D. Meadows

    Good evening, all! Mark Meadows produced an excellent set of photos and descriptions on how to repivot an arbor, then made them available on the "Clocks" list. With his permission, I am posting a slideshow with notes here. Click on any photo to see it enlarged and with the notes...
  19. Tim Orr

    ZOOM meetings: A look at one of them

    Good afternoon, all! Recently, Chapter 21 in Denver conducted its first Zoom meeting and recorded it. You can view it here: Topic: NAWCC Zoom Chapter 21 Meeting Date: Jun 8, 2020 06:46 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada) Meeting Recording: Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Webinars, Screen...
  20. Tim Orr

    OK, if U won't join, will U SMILE on NAWCC?

    Good evening, all! Every purchase you make on AMAZON can benefit NAWCC – at NO extra cost to you! Amazon's SMILE program will donate 1/2 of 1 percent of every purchase you make on Amazon to NAWCC – with no increase in your pricing. So, if you spend 10 bucks on Amazon, NAWCC will get a nickel...

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