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  1. Jim M.

    Bulova Accutron Doctor’s Pulsation Caduceus Dial Watch

    Because of the pandemic, my annual doctor’s wellness visit this year was a virtual zoom venue, with an in-person follow-up appointment scheduled for late August. I usually buckle-on this Bulova Accutron Doctor’s Pulsation watch (photos above) for my annual doctor’s wellness team visit in Boston...
  2. Jim M.

    E Howard Series III escape wheel identification please

    The design of escapements on E. Howard & Co Series III watch movement varied over time and included: use of double banking pin escapements, single banking pin escapements, or the Coles resilient escapement. Your watch is fitted with a single-banking pin escapement with the escape wheel having...
  3. Jim M.

    Howard series III

    Congratulations Ethan. That is a very nice, desirable E. Howard to have in collection.
  4. Jim M.

    American pocket watch holder

    Our oldest daughter had childhood interest in ballet and she enrolled in Saturday morning classes at the nearby Boston Ballet School. I purchased this theme appropriate watch holder at auction several years ago and we selected a favorite spot for display in our home. The Hampden Watch Company...
  5. Jim M.

    Philadelphia, PA private labels

    Z. J. Péquignot, 806 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. Swiss ~6S lady size Agassiz Watch Co. movement, 14K multicolor Jeannot & Shiebler watchcase.
  6. Jim M.

    "Lever"age? Why so few choices of large high grade pendant set "Gent's watches?

    Greetings Kip, This may fit your search requirements for a good quality gentleman’s 16S, pendant set, thin, open faced watch. I acquired this reasonably priced 1899 Riverside Maximus having a seemingly original Fahy’s ‘Permanently’ gold filled case ~15 years ago. The unique script dial is mint...
  7. Jim M.

    Chelsea Clock Company

    Greetings, I enjoy coastal sailing and have often seen Chelsea Ship Bells and Barometers fitted on sailboat bulkheads. This 1912 era 6” Chelsea Commander Ships Bell was purchased from an estate ~ 15 years ago. Our family particularly likes this antique clock and the way it is displayed. It keeps...
  8. Jim M.

    C L Thiery Patented Nov 9 1868 & Jan 18, 1870 silver case

    Greetings Watch Bob, FYI. Information from the textbook ‘History of the American Watch Case’ by Warren H. Niebling -- Thiery, Charles L., 1844 to 1848 in New York City, then 1848 to 1853 in Boston, then 1853 to 1858 in Cambridgeport and Boston Mass. -- Thiery & Serex, 1858 to 1864...
  9. Jim M.

    E. Howard & Co. Boston Pocket Watch

    **** 14K Series VII, HC, 15 jewel 3/4 Plate Movement, J. Moorhouse Dial ****
  10. Jim M.

    E. Howard & Co. Boston Pocket Watch

    **** 14K Series VIII, OF, 17 jewel Split Plate Movement ****
  11. Jim M.

    So, can a case be marked 14K and not be 14K?

    I came across the following information a while ago when I was looking at a nice 1900 era Howard housed in a watchcase bearing only the 14K US Assay purity mark (no maker’s mark). I was curious why this was allowed. See attached photo. Overview of Hallmarking on Jewelry in the USA The first...
  12. Jim M.

    E. Howard & Co. Boston Pocket Watch

    Greetings Saha, You have a very nice E. Howard and Co. watch and members here have provided helpful information, in addition to the initial research you made. Your father’s watch is of high quality and you should consider keeping it within your family. FYI -- I have found these additional...
  13. Jim M.

    Jeannot & Shiebler Cases

    My collection includes a few lady size pocket watches and I now particularly enjoy this one having fine J&S design details and symmetry. *** Jeannot & Shiebler 14K multicolor gold scallop-shell form 42 mm diameter hunter case. Floral and leaf appliqués interspersing the fluted sections...
  14. Jim M.

    Post-Colonial American Pre-industrial watchmaking & cases

    Regarding Rick’s observation/quote regarding use of the trademark on movements and dials years before the 1905 trademark was filed, it is also possible/probable the 'Anchor in Shield' mark appears on Dueber watchcases also before the 1873 trademark was filed --- and possibly back to the early...
  15. Jim M.

    Post-Colonial American Pre-industrial watchmaking & cases

    Greetings Keith and John Yes, my comments were for the watchcase # 7994 photo shown in post #42 above. Here is the 1873 trademark registry # 1444 information for the early “Anchor in Shield” makers’ mark. The copied image is not that clear; however, in 1905 Dueber also re-assigned that same...
  16. Jim M.

    Post-Colonial American Pre-industrial watchmaking & cases

    Greetings Keith, Regarding post # 42 above -- I was recently interested in a very nice watch having a similar anchor maker’s mark identical to yours. I checked literature and online patent records and my best conclusion is that particular embossed anchor mark is identical to an early trademark...
  17. Jim M.

    howard question

    Greetings Jeff, Regarding your serial number 700,001 to 700,700 question. -- I checked the Rolfe/Chaplain published listing of E. Howard & Co Series XII factory production/invoice records as you did. My best interpretation is that fist grouping (serial numbers within the range 700,001-to...
  18. Jim M.

    Please Show the Most Recent Addition to Your Collection

    Rob, Thank you for your kind comments. As it turns out, the gentleman member/collector I purchased this watch from was also a long-term moderator of this message board ;). I also just learned (by Google search) this watch was sold earlier at a 2013 Bonhams auction and it was listed as part of a...
  19. Jim M.

    Please Show the Most Recent Addition to Your Collection

    Greetings, Another recent for me --- extra fine condition E. Howard & Co. Series VIII 17j split plate purchased from a NAWCC member/collector. Engraved case is 14K, the double sunk dial is mint, and movement SN 309947 likely falls near the last production run timeline for that Series. Best...

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