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  1. Ticktocktime100

    Today's Find

    Hi, Your clock certainly has a German movement and dates to the 1970’s. We would need to see pictures of the back plate to try to determine the manufacturer as it is probably stamped. My guess would be Urgos. Regards.
  2. Ticktocktime100

    Help ID French Clock Maker ? Germont Chatou

    Hi, The name on the dial is definitely that of the retailer - l very much doubt there is a great deal of information available as it was likely a small clock or jeweler's furthermore based in a suburb of Paris and not in Paris itself, so there are perhaps no existing records of its existence...
  3. Ticktocktime100

    help ID black mantel clock

    Hi, Yes, it looks very much like a cast iron Ansonia mantle clock, made sometime in the 1890’s. These movements usually have a patent date of 1882, interesting that it doesn’t appear to be the case here. Hopefully someone can enlighten you further and recognise the exact model. Regards.
  4. Ticktocktime100

    Alberto Bioletti Grandfather Clock?

    I'm sure you're correct, I believe we have a similar opinion - in retrospect my comment is rather vague. Based on the style and dates you provided I had 1820 in mind, perhaps a shade earlier, so I should have been more specific. Regards.
  5. Ticktocktime100

    Weight driven wall clock

    Hi, You have a Black Forest wag-on-the-wall clock, and those with the alarm function (which not all of them had) were termed postman's alarm clocks, as they were commonly employed by postmen - obviously. Given the steel axles of the gears, I would date the clock to roughly 1870. The examples...
  6. Ticktocktime100

    Alberto Bioletti Grandfather Clock?

    Quite right - the clock likely dates to the latter part of that period. Regards.
  7. Ticktocktime100

    French Marble and Brass Clock.

    Hi, What a lovely Becker skeleton clock - that would certainly be my pick! The pendulum on the French clock garniture isn't original - the bob would have been a gilt bronze ornament. A pendulum like the original (and contemporary), can be obtained quite reasonably from Ebay. The dates mentioned...
  8. Ticktocktime100

    Riggs Bros Chelsea Ships Clock

    Hi, A nice find. The date of 1958 is no doubt accurate. On what basis do you say Riggs Bros had gone out of business and that stage? A quick search revealed a Riggs Bros in Chicago, still active in and around Chicago (link below). If this is them, and the dates would fit, perhaps the clock was...
  9. Ticktocktime100

    Any idea of the model or years made?

    Hi, You know it is an Ansonia - I can’t help with the model, but it was made circa 1900, perhaps a fraction before or after. The style is typically English, of the Edwardian period. A fine clock, the open escapement is a real bonus. Regards.
  10. Ticktocktime100

    What do I have?

    Hi, You have an American Seth Thomas (as indicated by the ST logo on the movement) octagonal gallery clock. It would have been new in the 1870's when your friend's family originally acquired it. Hopefully someone will be able to advise you as to the exact model. Regards.
  11. Ticktocktime100

    Kienzle Lackschilduhr: When does it date from?

    Hi, Yes, your husband is correct - the weights are indeed replacements, but from the same type of clock, just a later example from the 1970’s or so. Regards.
  12. Ticktocktime100

    New Badische

    I agree on the date, and closer to the latter part of that estimate. I presume the knob is for setting/stopping the alarm? It is unusually placed, usually you see it under the hand-set knob. Regards.
  13. Ticktocktime100

    Not old but pretty

    Hi, A three-train clock in fully working order and in excellent condition for $40 isn't anything to complain about - it's only a little more than $10 per train, if you think about it! It all depends wether you prefer these modern products, which are of no great interest to collectors, to...
  14. Ticktocktime100


    Hi, Yes, the movement is indeed Japanese, circa 1900 - a pity about the damage to the teeth, I've never seen it quite that bad on a single wheel. If it were me, I would look out for an incomplete movement and replace only the damaged wheel. Regards.
  15. Ticktocktime100

    HAC clock

    Hi, All the relevant information regarding the history and logo has been provided above, I can only confirm that 1920's is spot on. Rather plain oak cases such as that of your clock, often in the architectural style, were very much in favour at that time. Regards.
  16. Ticktocktime100

    Austrian? Giltwood Picture Frame Clock - Info Opinions Welcome

    Hi, Not sure why the hole at the top is there - but I'm pretty certain it wasn't to acommodate a finial. Perhaps someone had another hook in place to hang it, or is there evidence of any old restoration in that spot? Regards.
  17. Ticktocktime100

    Austrian? Giltwood Picture Frame Clock - Info Opinions Welcome

    Hi, Yes, I fully agree - as Chris says above, the clock does appear to be an all-original Austrian picture frame clock circa 1810-1820, quite possibly made in Vienna as many of these were. A fine clock, indeed. Regards.
  18. Ticktocktime100

    LeRoy et Fils miniature

    Hi, As others have said above, a fine quality clock with some great names linked to it. The bamboo style case is particularly unusual, indeed. Regards.
  19. Ticktocktime100

    Huge highly detailed regulator

    Hi, I in turn can confirm that the clock is a Korean reproduction of an earlier style from the 1970's-1980's. Despite being modern and of relatively little value, these 31 day movements are said to be of quite robust quality and reliable. One of the more prominent Koren manufacturers of these...
  20. Ticktocktime100

    What Have I Got Here? Longcase or Morbier?

    Hi, Yes - I agree with the comment above - it does look like the movement of a Dutch stoelklok. If you call late 18th century, perhaps about 1780, very very early then yes - I suppose it is! A nice find. Regards.

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