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  1. ChuckR

    Help Escape wheel will not advance

    Hey guys, I have a Seth Thomas mantle clock that I can not get going, I disassembled it and cleaned all parts. Then I re-assembled and can not get the escape wheel to advance, the pallets are not letting the escape wheel turn. Right now I only have the time side set up so I can concentrate on...
  2. ChuckR

    Another question on Collets

    My lathe takes 8mm WW collects. Are all 8mm WW collets the same. What I am asking is if I go on ebay and buy a set of 8mm WW collets no matter who makes them, will they fit and work in my lathe. I see quite a lot for sale but am hesitant to buy as I worry that there are differences by different...
  3. ChuckR


    I am in the process of acquiring collets for my lathe, my lathe take WW collets. I was going to go with fractional sizes as my lathe is in inches. But I read an article that said to go with MM collets as a lot of them will cross over to fractional sizes. Just wondering your thoughts on this and...
  4. ChuckR

    What type of steel?

    Hey guys, As you now I am trying to learn the art of screw making, I have come to the part where I need to order some stock. What are your recommendations on what type to steel I should order? I was leaning towards tool steel but am not sure. As I have not worked a lot with different steels I...
  5. ChuckR

    tap and dies

    Does anyone know where I can buy a good set of tap and dies from 1-0 to about 1\4" in fine and coarse? Most sets that I can find start a 4-X and go up. Thanks.
  6. ChuckR

    More help on screw making

    Guys Tried looking around this site but could not find what I was looking for. Can anyone recommend a good book on making screws? I have read articles and watched as many videos on you tube as I can find but still have questions. I am still deciding whether to make screw threads using my lathe...
  7. ChuckR

    want to learn to repair stripped screws.

    Hey guys I have run across numerous clocks that BUBBA must have got a hold of before me, and I have found screws stripped, cross threaded or just plain missing. I want to try an start marking or repairing these screws, I was looking in time savers and came across this tap and die set ( Item #...
  8. ChuckR

    Hermle 340-020 Movement Experts Needed

    I am working on a Hermle 340-020 movement, I completely disassembled it and cleaned it all up. I put the balance escapement in the sonic bath to clean it up as someone had sprayed some kind of lubricant on it and it was gummy. Put it all back together and everything is working good except the...
  9. ChuckR

    what to look for in Microscope.

    Guys, I am interested in buying a stereo microscope, and have read up on them, but still have some questions. I repair clocks as a Hobby and do not do this as a job. I can not afford the B&L or Zeiss, Nikon scopes as they are out of my price range. What I want is a scope with the best optics I...
  10. ChuckR

    Main Spring for GB clock?

    Hey guys, Does anyone have the spring size for the time side of a GB wall clock. The movement is marked with P42, I need help with this as the last time I measured a main spring, what I recieved was stronger than what was there before. I still seem to have trouble measuring the thickness. TIA...
  11. ChuckR

    I screwed up main spring arbor

    Hi Guys, While cleaning my GB free swinger, I removed the time spring from its barrel and cleaned and lubed it. Upon winding the spring back up to re-install in the barrel the tab on the arbor broke off.:mad: No problem I thought, as I have had this happen before. So I drilled a hole and went...
  12. ChuckR

    Need help on GB springs

    Hi Guys, I thought there was a sticky somewere that had the sizes of main springs for clocks, and that people would add to so that it would hopefully take the quess work out of ordering them. I can not find it anywhere. Please I need the sizes of both the time and strike springs in a Gustav...
  13. ChuckR

    GB freeswinger need dating please.

    Hey Guys, I got this GB free swinger last week at auction. It needs to be cleaned, but is running and keeping good time. I have attach some pictures, I would like to know the year it was made? ( John H.:smile::razz:). It was made in Frieburg, and the serial number is 1659012. I posted this in...
  14. ChuckR

    French Clock?? - Marriage?

    Hi Guys, I bought this on a whim yesterday, Saw it in an auction, nobody was bidding on it, (should have taken the hint) so I bid and won. I did not examine the clock before the auction,(have learned a valueable lesson) but I really love the looks of the clock. When I got home and examined it...
  15. ChuckR

    Test stand for weight driven movements.

    Hey Guys, I have test stands for mantle type clocks that work very well, but now I need a test stand for weight driven clocks with long pendelums. From what I read in the supply catalogs, is that the ones they have are good with clocks that have wooden seat boards, how are they with clocks that...
  16. ChuckR

    Drilling on a Lathe?

    Hi all, I have a question about drilling on my new sherline lathe. When I saw a live demo on replacing pivots, the user was using an older jewelers lathe. The instructor said before you drill the hole in the arbor, you needed to start the hole first then use the drill bit to finish it. He used...
  17. ChuckR

    Learning to use my new Lathe.

    Hi Everyone. After reading opinions on the MB for the last 6 to 8 months and talking to people, I finally bought a lathe. Now with that being said, I have never owned or used a lathe. I have seen demo's on clock repair using a lathe, but never have run one myself. My quetion is, would the...
  18. ChuckR

    Horolovar CO. has been sold!

    Hey guys, Just thought I would pass this on.Talked to Bill Ellison of Horolovar last Thursday. He informed me that he has sold the Horolovar Co. The new owner (Chris) was coming up this weekend with a crew to move all the assets down to Lawrence, OH. From what I understand it is on the...
  19. ChuckR

    Can not remove gathering Pallet

    Pulled the RMS movement out of the clock that I bought at the National. It was diry and gunked up with crud. I dismantled it and got all but the gathering pallet off. It seems to be screwed on with a recessed screw. Has any body come across this? All I have ever seem were press fitted on the...
  20. ChuckR

    Clock running SLOW!!!!

    HI, I bought a Mauthe wall clock about six months ago, it would run, but it ran slow with only about a 3/4 of a inch total swing on the pendulum. Since the movement was very dirty and there was paint sprayed on some of the movement, figured that a complete tear down and cleaning would solve...

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