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    IBM My first IBM master

    You have a very unique clock with all the accessories. You have received great advice. If you want to get rid of the CLUNK buzz winding you can look into a AC winder Simplex/IBM offered one that mounter where the coil is but they are impossible to find, but many people have built one. The...
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    Quiet Relay?

    A solid state relay will do the job, and last forever. Solid State Relay SSR DC-DC 10A 3-32VDC/5-220VDC 10A for Crydom D1D12/D2D12 Solid State Relay SSR DC-DC 10A 3-32VDC/5-220VDC 10A for Crydom D1D12/D2D12 | eBay
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    IBM IBM 25-7 Help needed

    Only two ways to set the slave back. Stop the master for one hr, or set the slave ahead about 11 hours.
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    New Addition - ITR Weight Driven Motor Wound Master Clock

    It isn’t the weight of the mercury that is throwing it off, it is the location of the center of mass of that mercury. If the jars are 1/2 full and are 7in tall then the center of your weight has moved down about 1 3/4 in. That is a lot.
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    IBM Need help trouble shooting a 2 wire IBM / Simplex system.

    Update. I installed a home made three wire to two wire converter so now I have the correct pulses (Gets rid of the wrong 59th min pulse) The system is now on time and works as it should. I know the 59th min pulse was wrong polarity, but I don't know why it made the system one min fast. Frank
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    IBM Three wire to Two wire circuit

    I didn't get any help on my odd 2 wire IBM problem, (I couldn't figure it out either), IBM - Need help trouble shooting a 2 wire IBM / Simplex system. so I am going to try a work around. I am making a three wire to two wire converter. See drawing. The K1 relay is large and slower then the...
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    IBM Need help trouble shooting a 2 wire IBM / Simplex system.

    Hi. I have a strange one here. I am hopping someone can help me figure this out. Problem. 2 wire IBM / Simplex system runs one min faster then the master. The particulars. Slave clocks are a variety of IBM and Simplex from 1920 to about 2000 most are IBM two coil high quality brass movement...
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    IBM IBM problem with slave clock stopping

    Tell us more about the slave, or a picture of the movement. Authentic is nice, but when I worked for Simplex I found that most issues were caused by correction, either in the master or in the slave. I have. A master in my home and 4 slaves. I run straight minute impulse t9 all of them. BTW...
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    IBM IBM Master clock 1920's?

    What a wonderful and OLD master I suspect the switches at the bottom are to turn on or off each of two Chanels of bells, and to ring them manually. The two black things are relays. The contacts on the bell wheel entergise them and there contacts send power to the bells.
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    this type of slave will run just fine without a master. You may want to make sure that the correction mechanism is not misadjusted and dragging on the movement. There is a partial gear called a sector on the correction mechanism that should not touch the movement except during correction.
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    IBM clock set time

    Anything is possible but I would isolate the clutch coil from the other components and entergise it with a external supply at the correct time (57 min 54 sec) for 8 sec from memory
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    Standard Electric 1956 Standard Electric Master Clock (Impulse)

    For home use I would just send a pulse each minute. It is simple and reliable and will work with any slave you have or find in the future (voltage of slaves will vary ) A PC power supply is a good suggestion. If you had a lot of clocks it would be good to switch the AC after a transformer and...
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    Need advice for upgrading a slave clock setup

    Please reconsider not running 24 volt wiring. Being low voltage and low current it dosn't need conduit or boxes. You can run telephone wire or CAT5 or most anything. These IBM movements will run forever. Maintenance will be ZERO.
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    Movement manufacturer unkown to me

    I don't recognize it but I like it. I see that the behind the dial gears are gone, do you have them? It looks like it is weight driven. If you actuate the armature above the coil by hand, does that lift the little weight? I suspect it dose. When the weight is down, then what? are there a...
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    IBM International Slave: what sort of pulse?

    once again products that were not real successful became very collectable. As I recall, they would get gummed up and also the contacts would drag on the plastic cam. Both would probably respond to a good cleaning and lube with high quality oil. I never saw one with a burned out coil or...
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    IBM IBM/ITR Master Clock type 13-7 circa 1931

    I agree with others that your transformer and are safe enough, but if you want to remove the transformer to make things look nicer, I would find a steel box and put that transformer in it, While you are at it get a 10 amp or so bridge rectifier (10 amp just because they are cheep and easy to...
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    IBM International Slave: what sort of pulse?

    One of my first jobs at Simplex was to go through a large high school and remove and replace every "donut movement I found. We were told never to fix them but replace them on sight.
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    IBM International Slave: what sort of pulse?

    If anyone is cheep, and has a old PC laying around you can control any slave clock or even different slaves for about $20 USB Relay Module 4 Channels, for Home Automation - v2 The board comes with software that is easy to use. I quickly created a setup to reverse polarity every 30 sec for a...
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    General Electric C-16 with Telechron Rotor

    Update. I was wrong on the less work without the paws. Lifting the paws disables the precise timing of the weight drop, but it is still lifted and falls every 15 min. To remove the weight and therefor the needles work the weight assembly must be removed. If anyone wants to do this. it is...
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    General Electric C-16 with Telechron Rotor

    Mastery solved. The two paws and the gear and cam that they ride on lift a weight and let it drop every 15 min. This opens and closes the switch contacts quickly. (I don't know what this was for.) The minute hand is keyed to it's arbor so you can't adjust from the front. There is a one way...

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