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    ST Regulator 2 Reissue Escapement Replacement

    I've been struggling with a Reissue of the Number 2 Regulator. The primary issue is that the clock will not run dependably has had a small pendulum arc. I polished pivots and rebushed a few pivots. I got it so that it would run on the test stand without hands but not with the hands in place...
  2. J

    Ansonia 8 Day Shelf Clock

    Greetings, I'm currently working on an Ansonia 8 day shelf clock movement. Unusual in my limited experience, it is an 8 day 3 wheel clock. The count wheel for the strike is advanced by on pin protruding from the lantern pinion on the second wheel. Working well now except it won't drop in...
  3. J

    Boston Clock Crystal Regulator

    A friend asked me to look at her Boston Clock crystal regulator. It is a beautiful clock and I think the problem is a simple one. The click on the strike barrel has fallen off and sits in the case. My challenge is how to remove the movement from the case. I can't figure it out. I'm...
  4. J

    ST 89 AL Suspension Adjustment

    Good morning, Novice here working on a Seth Thomas Tambour clock with 89AL movement. After cleaning movement and some rebushing clock runs fairly well. Problem is that it will only run if the sliding suspension spring adjuster is all the way up. If I try to regulate speed by lowering...
  5. J

    Removing Calendar CLock Hand

    Greetings, Just purchased a Seth Thomas parlor #2 calendar with the Andrews calendar movement. Am trying to set the calenadar and having difficulty. The instructions suggest the tip of a knife to move the rollers. They appear to be locked regardless of where the lift lever is. I only need...
  6. J

    Ithaca Calendar Clock movement

    Greetings, Just bought an Ithaca Number 7 Cottage Shelf Clock. The clock is running well. My challenge is with the calendar movement. The day of the month advances fine but the day of the week wheel often moves 2 days instead of one. My impression is that the wheel moves too freely so...
  7. J

    Precleaning very dirty movements

    I'm starting work on a 30 hour American movement and it is filthy. Any suggestions on how to remove major amounts of grease and oil from lantern pinions and wheels. i thought I read about using brake cleaner but thought I should ask BEFORE trying. Thanks John
  8. J

    Pivot replacement gone bad

    i am a newbie and am looking for tips on undoing damage of a previous repair. This is a 30 hour weight driven shelf clock. One pivot must have been broken off and the arbor was drilled for a new pivot. It appears the hole was drilled freehand and that it is not centered. Is there a way I can...

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