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    Longcase twin tidal or otherwise?

    In "Clockmakers of Northern England" Loomes describes a similar clock by the same maker as having "double" tidal indicators. I had thought previously that the longer hand pointed to the moon's age rather than the tidal ring and was to indicate this. Seems a little strange because you would not...
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    Fusee verge re-conversion help

    I believe that this movement originally had a verge escapement and was then converted to anchor... I would like to put it back to its original state if realistically possible within a parts budget of around £200. The third wheel currently has 76 teeth and the escape wheel 30 (pinion of 7)...
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    English ting-tang longcase

    You would think from the general style that this is by Thomas Yates, the noted later 19th century watch maker and inventor. Big 3 train quarter-chiming movement, ting-tang on the quarters on 2 bells, strike on additional bell. Strange to see an outside pinned countwheel for the strike side...
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    Longcase Musical? How old?

    To be fair the auctoneers' pictures were good and I'm really none the wiser now it's here... Dial and movement appear to be original to each other, case... who knows? Very large cut-out for musical barrel so plenty of room for complex tunes. Ornately shaped plates, you would think the work of a...
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    Early London Longcase

    Sold a few clocks recently so this one weaselled its way under my bidding finger (my wife is extremely tolerant but always best to partly blame innocent small mammals wherever possible). Looks pre-1750 to me, dial and movement appear original. Nice finned pillars and inside countwheel. Hands...
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    Lydian Longcase?

    An impulse purchase really... on the radar but expected it to go for a lot more. That was just before lockdown in the UK, finally arrived here yesterday. You're never quite sure what to expect, part of the clock collecting allure I think. Anyway... very nice painted dial 12 bell clock, fairly...
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    Complicated Longcase

    Anyone who knows me will understand my love of 'complicated' clocks... moons, tides, musical - the more the better! This one was therefore very hard to resist even knowing that many of the extra dials were disconnected. On first appraisal it appears to date to around 1760? and of general...
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    Early Chinoiserie Longcase

    Just picked up this rather handsome chap... Been in storage for quite some time I think. Mr Faulkner seems to have been an eminent maker, joined CC in 1702 and master in 1734. All seems pretty original to me, finned movement pillars (6) all latched, also latches for the dial feet. Super dial...
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    Longcase moon drive conundrum

    A nice longcase clock by William Gill of Maidstone, movement and dial appear to be original but sadly no drive to the arch moon is present. It's always difficult to know what has been altered on these clocks but this is what is currently there: 1. a contrate wheel behind the moon disk...
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    Dent/ Houdin Mantel Clock

    Just picked this one up from my local auction... Retailed by "Dent 61 Strand London" with French movement by "Robert Houdin", probably mid to late 19th C? I'm really more of a longcase fan but this clock seemed to have some interesting features so I thought it was worth a go. At first view...

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